[v1..3] TagNotFound: DefenseManaBurn

This cropped up via modding but I’m pretty sure it’s a global bug.

There’s no tag associated with Energy Burn Resistance. Sure, the stat is unused playerside (for now) but its used for heroes/bosses, so I’m a little surprised that this doesn’t exist. If this isn’t a bug, is there any intention to add this to the base game? And, furthermore, would the stat work even if the tag is malformed?


Stat works, seeing as bosses are immune to it. Tag is irrelevant since there are no items or skills that provide a resistance to it. Just add a tag to it if you need to use it.

Plot Twist: I’m an idiot.

The stat we all know (and hate) is not DefenseManaBurn, its DefenseManaBurnRatio. So essentially I was attempting to burn off a flat value of energy rather than a % ratio. While an interesting concept, the flat value does indeed have no tag associated with it, but the ratio one does and functions as intended.

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