Valdun's rifle pierce build

Kinda new to the game, only in act 2, but seems like I enjoy playing with grimtool than actually playing the game, made many random builds looking through the legendaries and this is one of them, a bit glass but seem to have legit damage, not sure how far this build can go in terms of actual end game content, maybe people here more experienced would know.

Some best in slots are probably rares but I was too lazy to craft them. 2 wps skill from valdun set and 2 wps skills from soldier with 100% proc chance combined, so all the attacks should be wps and cadence.

I was using night’s veil initially but then felt like the range might be too short for an actual sniper so I went inquisitor, losing the pierce pen sucks though, kinda hate this aspect of the game already, seems like it’s all about resist pen stacking, looking at ravager stats in grimtool and saw that he has 126 vitality resist lol.

edit: added quickdraw gloves and living shadow to the build.

Inquisitor has pierce resist reduction in Death Sentence, so there’s really no RR loss going from Nightblade to Inquisitor. Plus Inquisitor supports ranged much better than Nightblade.

Ah, that’s great news, thanks, well, I’m not even sure what to ditch to get the pierce pen but it’s probably too good to give it up.

yea turns out I have no spare points to invest into the pierce pen in inquisitor, without heavy investment into the main skill the duration seems way too short, guess the build will have to do with 70% pen for now.

You can check my Beginner’s ranged Tactician, maybe you’ll find something useful here. It has 2H setup in 2nd post.

As for your setup:

  1. I wouldn’t use Viperfang, probably Grasp of Unchained Might or Quickdraw Gloves instead.
  2. Pants - either Barbados or some crafted green.
  3. Boots - crafted green
  4. Shoulders - I dunno, but definitely not Black Flame.

Thanks for your input, I really like your item choice of quickdraw there, a lot of attack speed, missed that one myself, gonna add it to my build.

As for your 2h rifle build our ideas are quite different despite devotion looking similar, I disliked hybrid physical/pierce damage approach so I went for conversion, and managed to get 90% armor piercing in this case. If I were to do this build in greens I woulda prob use udgenbogbolt thrower for 100% pierce damage on cadence.

Valdun’s set is also unique in the sense that it gives 50% wps procs, along with the 50% in soldier so I skip all default attacks, I thought that part is pretty neat.

A few question for your build tho, does linking word of pain with acid spray makes it trigger 100%? I know devotion procs can have increased chance linking on longer cooldown skills, but word of pain has no cd but has a duration so I’m not sure, feels like it might be worth using for me if it’s 100%.

Also, do you think inquisitor seal is very good? Doesn’t it encourage you to stay stationary instead of kiting? I kinda heard that the dlc bosses requires a lot of mobility but I’m not sure if that’s true in this case.

Skills need to have cooldown and need to have higher cooldown than the duration of the skill to get increased devotion proc chance. So no, Word of Pain won’t get increased chance to proc devotions.

Thanks for the answer.

  1. Inquisitor Seal has ticks so it’ll attempt to proc Acid Spray on every tick.
  2. It depends. You can’t really kite that well a pack of leafmanes, for example. I just facetank it.

The consensus seems to be that Tactician is better than Commando for Valduin set?

Thanks for the answer, and I think tactician is better because valdun set is has a lot of armor piercing so the pierce/ranged stuff from inquis really helps, theres no need for fire strike since cadence is good enough, inquis’s deadly aim also provides good crit damage and oa.

Actually I take my words back, with double bladetwister ring and the belt converting all ele to pierce fire strike is really good also, gonna think about the possibilities there.