Valguur's hunger cabalist vitality witch build



I love vitality casters and especially the sigil of consumption skill from the occultist mastery. So looking for a set to support a build like that, I came across valguur’s hunger, which bonuses to sigil of consumption and siphon souls are great. This isn’t god tier build but it’s decent all around. You can farm 75-76 sr shards , crucible gladiator 150-170 pretty comfortably. From celestials Lokkar and Mogdrogen. Ravager possible with cheesing on second phase. Never tried Callagadra yet, not interested in her loot or the nightmare of the fight. As for the gameplay it’s the most fun build I had in the game. If you want God tier vitality caster, try mad lee’s conjurer of the dark arts with the dark one’s set, it’s the best in the game for vitality casters in my opinion right now.


(Boosted ravenous earth getting more damage after @mad_lee’s advice
and a bit more aether res) There is something wrong with the values shown in this new grimtools though I can’t get my head around why that happens
in game stun res is 60, life 14992, oa 2897, spirit 795 , armor 1680
and maybe more that I haven’t noticed. I tried many times importing my save to grimtools and I consistently get the same little differences. Has this happened to you? I guess the differences in values are minor and you get the gist.


  • Decent damage coming from high resistance reduction
  • High survivability as a result of the damage cause of innate adcth in the skills and devotions
  • Good Debuffs innate in your skills
  • Tons of fun!!


  • Not a tank. Though survivability is high when you’re leeching through your skills, when your ’re not, you’ re vulnerable cause your other defences are basic. Tip : Avoid ground effects like pools and volcanoes after killing an enemy.


COF vulnerability - 35
Spectral wrath - 35
Will of ratosh - 25
Raise the dead - 25
Siphon souls - 20
Fang of c’thon - 15 (100% on crit)
Cursebearer - 10 (25% when hit)
Signet of the fallen - 15 (20% on crit)

So conditionally it’s -180 total

Max out sigil of consumption obviously, you kill and live by it. Next bloody pox mostly for the oa debuff with wasting and to proc the bat. Siphon souls as high as you can for damage, adcth, and oa reduction. Finally ravenous earth for damage and damage reduction. Cof , Blood of dreeg, spectral binding, mark of torment obvious choices for any cabalist.

Devotions are standard for a vitality caster. Dying god, Ratosh, Revenant, bat and wendigo are mandatory.

Valguur’s set obviously.The rest is best in slot in my opinion after testing lots of stuff. Mythical versions of course. Having said that, there are lots of options for vitality casters. Claw of hagaraz is a good weapon, voidheart or signet of the damned for a ring , voidwalkers for feet, dread knight’s guard for shoulders, bonewraith pauldrons can work as well. So can boneweave pants or girdle. Lots of choices but I settled on the setup you can see as this worked best in my opinion. Feel free to find you own best setup or make suggestions. Reaver’s hunger is mandatory , so is eldritch pact. As for the rylok medal I’m still looking for a better rolled one for an occultist.

Yeah DA is kinda low but with casting bloody pox and siphon souls you get – 450 enemy OA. So you effectively get to 2965 DA which is pretty decent. The same happens with -100 to enemy DA with CoF witch gets you 2997 OA.

Both occultist and necromancer have good skills for levelling. Bloody pox, bone harvest, ravenous earth, sigils , siphon souls even pets, all are viable. I think it’s a matter of preference, how quickly you wanna level up and how heavily are you gonna want to respec in the end.

Vitality casters are iconic for the grim dawn universe in my opinion. This one is the best I have come up with on my own yet. So fill the ground with your sigils and have a blast sapping the vitality of your foes. Cheers and have fun!!!:grinning:



CRUCIBLE GLADIATOR 150-170 8.30min

SHATTERED REALM SHARDS 75-76 12min (full run)



Well son of a b****. LOL. I literally just finished this build about four hours ago. I wanted to do something with Siphon Souls as I’d never really run with that skill before. Haven’t fully tested it before but I’m going to potentially cannibalize (see what I did there ;)) from your examples and play. Thanks!

Obvious thing is I went Harbingers and you went Possession. That’s the first thing I’ll test out and tweak back and forth.

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Yeah vitality casters are cool. And I was thinking exactly about Cabalist. :smile:

Valguur DA is always frightening. About exclusive skill, depends if you have skill scaling with speed or big Weapon Damage. Then Harbinger is better. For full piano, I would still prefer Possession.

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That looks like fun!! Thanks for sharing and happy if something in the build thread helps! Feel free to share any updates of the performance . You clearly favoured the necromancer side as your main. I’m a sucker for the occultist mastery though and i’m always up for a good possession

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Thanks for sharing your opinion Nery! Exactly what I thought about the exclusive skill. I clearly went for piano approach as it is a classic cooldown caster scaling of %damage.

arcane_undo thanks!
To paixnidi einai epos! kalh syneheia!!

Hey, @spyrosagranitis,

Little advice if you don’t mind. If you are going for the green medal then it’s definitely worth going for Ravenous Earth green medal and then dumping as much points in it as possible. Even with your current medal you will gain MUCH more from spending points on RE rather than on Bloody Pox’s first nod or Siphon Souls.

Also it’s definitely worth overcapping Aether resistance by at least 30% since Anasteria is the most dangerous resistance debuffing mob.

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@mad_lee thanks for the advice. You’re probably right on all fronts. Great builds dude!! I’ll try dumping points to ravenous earth from bloody pox. I was focused on sigil of consumption and siphon souls for damage and missed the opportunity with ravenous earth. I’ll respec and try it. I’ll post the new setup if it works out and of course mention you on giving tips for the change. Not sure if with ravenous earth medal I have energy problems from more frequent casting. I think I have some in my stash and yeah aether res is sometimes a problem


Yeah, like first nod of Bloody Pox is support damage at best even on beastly Vitality setups with Dark One set and medal that adds flat to the skill. Wasting is definitely worth it tho. Not sure about Siphon Souls. But Ravenous Earth is definitely a Vitality powerhouse skill, always worth investing into.

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Okay gonna definitely tweak with this.