Vampire Witchblade 2H OP

Here is my favourite character to play. Brilliant survivability, good resists and awesome damage. Health doesn’t usually drop below 50% due to life steal and attack speed combined with Blade arc for maximum utilisation. Even against single targets this build does really well. Can take out most nemesis bosses without a problem. Still looking for slightly better shoulders but this is my current setup.

I have blade arc as my LMB and blitz on RMB to zoom around and cause havoc, keeping debuffs on all mobs.
I have played around with various devotion set ups but find this current one to be the most optimal. I use Avenger of Cairn mainly for the +skills and much needed aether resist. Blood of dreeg is always up to make sure I always have max poison resist.

Take a look and tell me what you think,

This looks interesting. I’m sure you’ve cleared all content on ultimate.

How does it handle nemesis and crucible?

For the sake of brevity, I’m going to be mad direct and forgo any sugarcoating. So I just want to preface what I’m about to say with the following - I mean no offence, and am just trying to be helpful. I do sincerely apologize if I come across as rude and offensive.

This build is highly inefficient IMO and probably has piss poor single target DPS.

Firstly, blade arc relies on cast speed, not attack speed, so you lose out a lot of the potential DPS gain from 22/12 solael’s witchfire.

Secondly, despite all the huge bonuses riftwarped gives to doombolt, you’re effectively gimping your doombolts dps by 25% because of the chaos to vit conversion. Admittedly, I’m not 100% certain if the benefits of the buffs granted by riftwarped gloves outweigh the huge conversion, but I’d be surprised AF if it did.

  1. You gotta max out field command as high as it can go (do leave it as an even number though). Same thing with blood of dreeg. This is to get better OA/DA values.

You have 2 real options here - caster or fighter.

1) Caster
Haven’t thought it through much, but I do love the concept you’re going for. I would find all items which convert fire --> chaos, and use seal of destruction to spam stormfire as my main attack, while using doom bolt as a nuke. It’s going to take a HUGE amount of energy to sustain, however. You might be forced to pick up constellations like harp &/or tree for sustain.

2) Fighter
This is another build I’ve been theorycrafting but have not gotten about to actually try. I can’t find my link, so I’ll just tell you the logic of it.

Essentially it’d use cadence as it’s primary attack. Voidsteel gloves and warborn set would obviously be crux.

I would prioritize pumping cadence and deadly momentum first, followed by possession. Then solael’s witchfire (3/3 consecrated blade included) and squad tactics. Blood of dreeg and field command would come next. Would then pump warcry, then blitz for an AoE nuke, and markovian’s advantage for a DA shredding WPS.

The soldier passives would obviously be given the love they need. 1 point wonders would include skills like fighting spirit, fighting form, menhir’s will, etc. etc.

I doubt I would even get sigil of consumption.

Weapon component would be seal of the void for more phys --> chaos conversion, more attack speed, and that nice WPS.

Since option (2) is my own brainchild, I’m obviously biased towards it. But, if interested, you should test both out, and post your findings here. I for one am curious to know which would do better.

Your devotions…

Not the biggest fan of it. Since you rely on cast speed, kraken IMO is a huge waste. You also can’t afford to NOT take fiend (whihc is has THE BEST tier 1 damage celestial power) and solael’s witchblade for chaos RR. I mean…you’re packing a measly 10% chaos RR? That shit isn’t going to fly in late game.

Even -45% with solael’s witchblade is horribly low. <-- This is the biggest reason why I haven’t actually taken the time to toy with a chaos withcblade. There is simply too little support for chaos damage outside the inquisitor and demolitionist class.

I suggest this alternative:

Last but certainly not least, you gotta do something about your stun res. My signature pretty much sums up the why of it.

It;s actually attack speed afaik. FW is CS

Correct. Blade Arc relies on Attack Speed, Forcewave relies on Cast Speed.

Sir Spankslot,
I know you apologized in advance but there’s no need to be uptight about the OP’s build.

If it helps, I have an old Chaos Blade Arc build which may help provide some alternatives, although keep in mind the greens are hard to obtain (see link below).
Keep in mind I have not tended to this Character for some time so is a little out of date.
Apart from incorrectly stating cast speed (it’s attack speed for Blade Arc), Sir Spanksalot makes some good points in which to help improve your build.

Build link:

If you find anything too confusing, just ask.

All the best,

Sorry for the misinformation!

As for being uptight…wasn’t my intention at all! Was just being honest.

Very similar build I came up with awhile ago:

Man! I have been playing a blade arch witchblade since start. It was my first character. I’ve always struggled with it and especially getting the items I thought would work well. I am no build crafter theory guy so I am so glad to see this with all the other people’s builds. I will definitely see what I can fit in and change to my build to make it better cos at the moment I can kill some of the Nemesis bosses but it takes loooong. I just wanted this dark unholy cabalistic two handed wielding evil knight that I can farm with, and thanx to you and the other posters now I finally just might!!!

Thanx man!


PS: Don’t you guys agree that this The Temporal Arcblade would make the sickest transmog if it only came in obsidian steel with your random runes and chaos red doombolt lightning…

The important thing is you enjoy the play. You demonstrate that you have tried a number of devotions and I wonder if you tried to rearrange your attributes to enhance your spirit abit. I have tried a few blade arcs and found them to be hard on energy because of how fast they hit. Your build will help me to try a variation on some previous builds. Cheers on achieving a fun build for your play style! Play on!


Do whatever makes the game fun for you! If it works for how YOU want to play the game, then the build is perfect at what it does.