Vanquisher Set

Hi there- I am new to the game and wanted to know how to trade or buy the Vanquisher set.
It is a bit confusing navigating the threads on trading. With Path of Exile there was one central trading site and it was super easy.
I am level 84 and want to be ready to use it. Thanks in advance for your help!

basically you just make a post here, or/and on Steam forum and/or on the discord trade sections, and wait/hope for a reply :+1:

Trading isn’t as big a deal in GD as it is in PoE. There are a couple of trade threads here

There’s a trading section on the Steam forum and also a trade channel on the GD Discord.

Thank you! Starting my search now,

This is also target farmable. Maybe you’d like to farm it yourself?

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Or just buy mine. 5 usd for mid rolls. 10 usd for good rolls!

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Don’t joke about such things.

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Question included the option “buy”.


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Not for real money.

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legit Zod runes, 15:1$, wont go poof, promise :crossed_fingers:


I have explored the farming option but from what I read, some of the drop rates are extremely low. Figured I would explore trading option as well.

Yes, and please consider this; the people who have the pieces of the set farmed those dungeons dozens of time to get each piece(even though they are not specificly went through for the set) and kept in stash so maybe they want to use it in the future they won’t need to farm again. So what are you offering them in return as a beginner player? I’m sure there are some generous players who are willing to give you extra pieces they have for free but again if not, you should be offering something worthy for their time.

There are 4 Dungeons and each piece drops from the treasure boxes at the end of those dungeons.

Steps of Torment, Port Valbury and Ancient Grove for example I farmed a lot for different reasons and as a result I have those pieces more than one; but the one piece I never get, because I don’t farm Bastion of Chaos very often; once in a character or so. I can give the extra parts to you but you’ll still have to farm the missing one.

i have plenty of amulets, you can have one. don’t care if you can trade something to me. but here’s a list of things i could use anyways.

mythical combustion band
mythical light’s oath
mythical legplates of valor (epic)
any shepherd of lost souls parts
ring of shuroth
mythical murmur’s kiss
dark one’s grasp
ring of khonsar

legit trading disclaimer *i use gdstash for infinite storage. and from a huge amount of legendarys about 3-4 aren’t legit, traded some brains for legendarys got crap i had several already, later remembered you can exchange brains for blood etc and restored them brains…