Veil of Shadow and Nidalla's Hidden Hand

I am a bit confused on the wording of these 2 skills. Veil of Shadow has a -Total Speed modifier, which I take as reduced the Attack + Movement slow of any enemy affected by the aura.

Nidalla’s Hidden Hand applies a 33% Slow. What is the difference? Is this a movement slow, attack slow? If both, why is the modifier listed differently than Veil of Shadow?

I’m playing a trickster build; grasping vines/entangling vines explicility list movement slow/attack slow for the 2, just NHH has me confused what it actually does.

-% total speed is a modifier that can be placed on a debuff as a part of it. % slow is a debuff itself. It basically means that those two skills can be stacked where as several sources of % slow or several sources of veil of shadow would not stack.

Both effect attack, cast and movement speed. -% total speed is also a flat reduction and %slow is a percent reduction based on their current value.

Thanks. I assume both of these would stack with the % Slower attack from entangling vines? Or no?

Veil of shadow will, but hidden and and entangling vines give the same “type” of slow debuff, so the strongest will apply.