Versatility of Shieldbreaker Vs Paladin

Always skipped demo like the plague because of the way mines worked. Now that they are actually functional, was thinking about building one. And thus I was wondering which other class to combine it.

I was wondering if either paladin or shieldbreaker has more viable builds. The build sticky has lots of paladins, but that’s thanks to omnitrio. xD

The only part that sux is the sick “balance” obsession of this game, so who knows if today’s build will not became weak tomorrow.

Right now i would say Shieldbreak is more versitile than paladin

To be versatile, the class need a lot of viable offensive skill.

The wheel has turned. Right now, most of demo’s offensive skills are viable and can be supported directly by oathkeeper. So Shieldbreaker is more versatile than Paladin. What I like the most is you are free to use divine mandate.

Paladin will be sturdier. hellborne retal and Fire EoR are still top tier, octavius paladin is almost unkillable. Cyclone is better in Shieldbreaker, and I bet virtue also. There maybe more paladin build undiscovered in the future, but that’s a topic for another time.

Name three builds that became weak else I’m calling fake news on this

With mines changes, my bet is on Shieldbreaker. Mandate as exclusive skill, lots of offensive spells, OA and damage. Problem is lack of any resistances in either class and also your CC are locked behind skill with low uptime(unless Aeon) of Ascension.

Paladin have Inquisitor Seal, heal, DA, racial bonus and CC. Censure have damage reduction. So Paladin is sturdy class, probably second best in that regard, behind Warlord.

If you wanna play oathkeeper as main inquisitor might be a better support class. But overall shieldbreaker is better in terms of the number of strong builds. Demorants… feel so nostalgic…

Shieldbreaker is an amazing class that can be top-tier at everything.Even as a melee build as it turned out. Res are honestly not that hard to fix on a Shieldbreaker, itemization is just insane for this class. Offensive power is monstrous and for defenses you have a very effective combo of Blast Shield/Resilience/Ascension that together with Ghoul and Prismatic Diamond make your Shieldbreaker extremely tough.

But I agree with jabrix. Mandate is the hugest.

Similar comparisons were made between censured vindicator and conjurer that took Stormcaller’s Pact and still had double rr (like shieldbreaker can take Mandate). Vindicator was better. But here oathkeeper has loads of elemental support and occultist got none. Here shieldbreaker is better for this.