Very 1st time I faught Vadaraan..WTF is that skill?

The Skill where he teleports me where ever the hell he wants, Thought my game was ruberbanding for a second. I want that skill for my characters. :slight_smile: :wink:

He has two teleport powers, one swaps you with someone else, and the other teleports him wherever he chooses (which seems to be right in your face)

It’s mega-annoying when facing him as a summoner because he pulls you away from your creeps and then gets in your face.

Man you get down to like 1k health in Hardcore ultimate against valdaran in that video, that will pucker up your butthole.

Yeah I freaked out a little :slight_smile: He actually might have saved me from dying as After I got stunned he teleported me away from the horde. Gave me a second to regather myself and drop wendigo.

Yeah I saw you stunned after. Even nerve wracking watching lol

The first time on my summoner I didnt even notice him as Nemesis in wardens lab, he pulled me away and smote me with a lightning from Aether heaven

I wish they would make all the nemesis as distinct as Moos

yep , 1st time meet him thought the game is in desync

Is there anyway to add a teleport skill? like a blink of some sort… man that would make ranged characters so much more fun to play