Veteran does not feel rewarding

I start on Veteran usually to unlock the reputations early but maybe I should just start on Elite instead. Thanks for the discussion guys.

You are right it is not rewarding (10% xp increase for enemies way harder than that), but at least the difficulty is far more noticeable than it used to be.

Like others said, the merit to unlock Elite is far superior, since the xp is far better. I see Veteran as mostly for newer players that don’t have the merit yet, and looking at steam achievements a substantial portion do not have access to difficulty merits.

I agree that it should be improved. XP should be boosted by around ~35%. There is no reason to penalise newer players that can’t access difficulty merits, is there?

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I hear what youre saying but to play devil’s advocate, Id argue that not beginning with access to difficulty merits is more of a reason to play, and not so much a form of punishment. Its a very tangible reward that gives you something to look forward to, and makes completing the game with a character feel more significant because of what it enables.

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The only thing I came up with to increase the reward of veteran can be %10 more reputation gain. This buff might be cool.

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im down with that sickness.

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