Veterancy Question

Making a pure Soldier build and to accommodate my item wish list I had to dump more into cunning and spirit than normal to make up for one mastery.

The Armor I want is the Warborn Set and the chest piece comes with a massive requirement of 969 physique!!! I cap out at 888, boo.

However can some on confirm if I understand Veterancy correctly and if at over capped of level 14 (maybe 13) I get -20% physique requirement on armor. So 20% of 969 is 193.8 (193), 969-193=776!! I’m good to go right?? or do I miss understand the skill. Don’t want to waste my time trying a build that can’t be completed.


Yes that should be correct, you can check here:

Military Conditions also gives physique as some devotions, just in case you fall a bit short.

Cool thanks

I had posted a build I made that worked pretty good up till mid/end ultimate written and someone pointed me to grim tools which I moan use vs grim calc. It just didn’t show -requirements when I plugged all my wants in. But it’ll be a go now just have to hunt down most everything. Hope one shot chest with current character yield good stuff for this idea.