Viable 1h,2h or offhand for physical pet build.

Hello everyone,
currently running shaman/occultist Conjurer pet build, but struggle at finding proper weapon for support this mastery combination.

Trying to build this around physical dmg, but there are no 2H or 1h or offhands which could support physical based pet builds.

Would be great to see 1H, offhand and(or) 2H with +%pet dmg +%physical pet dmg +%Bleed/internal trauma/pierce and so on, with such properties like superb weapons listed below.

Current weapon choise support fire(Myth. Drakaris), chaos(Myth. Drakaris), cold(Bane of Winter King), vitality(Claw of haragaz), poison dmg(Myth. Blightstone invoker), but non of them are optimal for physical dmg.