Villagers Drop what they are carrying

I notice this happens when the season changes, sometimes during the Save game, or when they are hungry/water. They just drop whatever is being carried.
I’m sure someone has posted about this, but I didn’t search too deeply.
Is this a known issue?


Yeah I posted about it before - asking whether if it’s a weather thing they could just carry the stuff with them as they run for shelter. But I don’t think it’s a bug I think it’s deliberate. I was questioning whether people really would do that, and whether the weather is a bit extreme also - depending on the map type. This is one aspect of the game that is probably a bit more challenging than real life.

You might be on to something, but I have noted that the weather has been normal, spring/summer, and they just drop what they are carrying. Doesn’t matter the resource. I will tun on the Widgets, to track it, but its a little annoying. lol

Definitely not normal behaviour.

Well, if you are really hungry or you need something to drink or you have to visit the restroom or you see a blizzard coming. At work. What would you do? Finish your work for some hours or help yourself immediately?
If its urgent I would drop anything too :slight_smile:

No, I’d think ahead a little and plan my bathroom breaks for between tasks. And if I “saw a blizzard coming” I’d make for shelter I wouldn’t wait till it had started.

Whetever they are carrying is valuable stock. Would you buy your grocery shopping and then leave it on the side of the road half way home because you need a drink?


Exactly! Which I find strange. Has to be a bug. Not sure if the Devs read this, but its a small bug I’m sure, like a hiccup.

Also when Fall comes, Right before Winter, they all go inside for like 2 days (Holiday Break) Then they come back out with their winter gear on.
has anyone noticed this, or is it just me?

Which reminds me. If they can’t live in their workplace huts, then there really needs to be a way that they will gradually choose to move to houses nearer where they work. I think it’s the journeying between home and work as well as the house stocking that makes workers so inefficient. Or how about they each get a month or two off every year (rota to be chosen by player) and they’re expected to see to their needs in that time rather than backwards and forwards all year through?

I’ve been paying closer attention to travel times. Which I expected to be really high, since I built residential on one side and commercial/Industry on the other… but honestly It hasn’t been more than 60% on a few people, and I am fixing that issue with food/goods placement.

I wonder about this behavior as well. It is like they are surprised winter is upon them and drop everything to run home. I took the trouble to built schools, you would think they would at least be smart enough to finish up what they are doing before winter hit. While that field littered with frozen peas is probably good for preserving them, it looks a bit silly.