Villagers need closing strange quest numbers

I have this quest notification that I don’t have enough Clothing. Its ok, but why it says I need 4109 Coats, 1295 Linen Clothes and 11512 Boots if I have only ~300 people leaving?
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I have this same problem, it says I need 4,484 shoes, 1,576 hide coats and 289 linen clothes. My population is 739, I’m at tier 4. I have 5 shoes, 425 linen clothes and 4 hide coats in warehouses.

This is a display issue with that notification. We are working on a fix.

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I’m getting a ‘light’ version of the same notification: constant notes that “Villagers Need Clothing” when I have 60 - 100 clothing in the warehouses, all Markets stocking them and all the residences that I checked also have them on hand.

Seems to be only related to linen Clothing specifically.