Vindicator Build Discussion

Zantai please new good items. Present legendary items are weak. Need more powerful items for example healm, pants, boots with +1000 health, more resistences and +3 to all skills. Game is too hard on ultimate, my 100 lvl vindicator have about 80 resistences, about 11000 health, almost all legendary items, but it is hard to survive. Also need more powerful weapons.

Are you using components, augments and relics?

Not sure if serious.

Yes, I use components and augments for more resistences, my vindicator relic is eye of the storm. My items - legendary and epic 84 and 94 lvl items. Will be more powerful items in Forgotten Gods?

Level 94 is as high at they’ll go. I suggest you start a new thread in the Gameplay section of the forum and post your build there using build calculator. You can import your chacter into the calculator by clicking on the arrow with a bar underneath it on the lefthand side of the calc. Then navigate to where your save files are and double click on your character then click on the .gbc file and then open. That will import all info, gear, stats, devotions. Then click on the icon below the arrow/bar to get a link to copy and paste here on the forum in your thread.

Would you mind uploading your vindicator to and sharing the link with us? I’m curious how level 100 vindicator can have such low hp.

I would ask myself if I’m doing something wrong instead of blaming the game for having weak items. You should share your build with us. Maybe we can help you with some constructive criticism.


4/10 HotW.

Also 5/10 Vigor.

Life Is just a number :wink:

I understand that, but you know, I was asking the person who was not satisfied with 11k health pool on vindicator. You can go even lower if it’s for sports.

That’s exceed my expectations.

Try to change skills more like this

You need to focus on your damage type and get resistance reduction. Pets are useless for your build

Yu can use this buildfor devotions

There’s a lot of questionable choices here with a big one being the inclusion of pets on a non-Pet focused build. They are going to struggle to survive on Ultimate and even if they do, they won’t come close to the amount of damage you’re able to put out.

First problem, you’re trying to have pets without much pet support item-wise. You only have two items helping them out. Nor do any of your devotions help them.

lol what a mess his build is.

Thanks for advices