Vitality Conjurer or Cabalist for endgame?

Having trouble deciding between these two. Damage skills would be: Corrupted Storm Totem & Swarm or Ravenous Earth & Bone Harvest, Sigil & Bloody Pox with the usual supports.

I haven’t played a vitality build since before AoM so, if anyone has experience with these in endgame Crucible/Nemesis farming, feedback would be welcome.

I prefer a cabalist, there are more support items for that class combination i think. There is no Support for vitality totems in the moment and i have seen that the most ritualists have problems with poison resist and u need more items to cap that. You can look under my twitch channel, there are working cabalist builds with different sets :slight_smile:

Twitch :skipperx83

I’ve found Occultist to be an amazing class to pair with any other caster solely due to Blood of Dreeg and CoF. Add in the Necromancer and it’s unique vitality/poison skills and you’ve got something going!

Cabalist is my favorite class. Phenomenal vitality/poison caster and top-tier summoner.

Go Cabalist.

I like vitality Conjurer myself. The vitality debuff stacking from Shaman and Occultist is so potent. My signature has my Conjurer build which I have enjoyed a lot, and Chthon has a new vitality Conjurer on the front page that looks awesome too.

Conjurers- (Melee)


In my experience Conjurer is the weakest of the big 3 vit mastery combos (Conjurer, Ritualist, and Cabalist). Cabalist is the strongest and most versatile.