Wagon Shop upgrade idea

Having thought this out after having played for hundreds of hours now I’ve an idea about the wagon shops and wainwrights.

An upgrade for the wagon shop should be introduced that would add a second wagon to the house.

The catch? It won’t be available until level 3 upgrade on the Town Hall is complete. Additionally, you can’t add a second person to the wagon shop until it is upgraded.

This will seriously reduce the number of wagon houses needed to save space and also make the building doubly useful once upgraded because right now the second person does absolutely nothing except for restock the wagon shop and then wander about with nothing to do.

Hm, you can already have 2 wagons per wagon shop. Just add another villager as a worker in them.

Oh my how embarrassing! I’ve only ever seen one wagon come in and out so I stand corrected. :disappointed:

I do like the idea about a third worker, though.

Well, it probably depends on how much work you have for them to do. They only move stuff from mines/pits and work camps so if you don’t have many of those one can often be seen just sitting on their wagon in the shop.

It would be great if the wagons also picked up food from producers and delivered it to storage. Then, producers would not be interrupted in their production to run food to town, and laborers would be saved a round trip and could concentrate on other tasks, such as chopping trees, getting stone, etc. This would be particularly wonderful in the early years of the game, when food is difficult and numbers of laborers are low, and can be put to better use obtaining wood and stone needed to build essential early buildings.

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I would like it if the wainwright just produced wagons and other villagers can become wagon drivers, so you can build a functioning transport network of dozens of wagons without having to spam rows of wagon shops. Transport right now is one of the main bottlenecks if you want to expand a large settlement. I’m building a wall around the settlement now and it’s going to take 10 or 15 years probably, because transport is so slow and inefficient right now. I want to see a train of wagons carting in eight hundred stone, so the army of builders I already have could then finish the wall in a year or 2.


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