Wagons weight cap

Is not about the weight itself, but it was mentioned for a reason. On current system as example I have a work camp, with 5 logs and 30 stones on it’s storage. If the wagon decides to take logs, will only get the logs, it’s a waste of travel, so the idea is set a weight cap on wagons and it should be filled with whatever resource is available on the destination until cap is reached, if there are let’s say, a mine on the way and a work camp, gather whatever it can carry to make less trips and save time.

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I kind of like this. Give the wainrights a capacity like the original storage wagon we have. A much smaller capacity, of course, but a capacity that they will fill along their route until it hits max capacity, when they will transport the items to storage facilities. Did I get the idea right?
Though I can see this possibly resulting in a wainright having their wagon filled before they get to the final resource destination- you have a sand pit, a gold mine, and a work camp on the same road. The work camp is breaking down a ton of rock. Max capacity of the wagon is 100- the workcamp produces 50 stone. Wagon gets loaded with 50 stone. Now it goes to the sand pit- 32 sand produced- not a problem, that will still fit. The wagon now has 82 items in it. The gold mine is at max production because- gold!. 97 gold are sitting there. But the wagon can only carry 18 gold now before hitting max capacity.

That gold will never get emptied, storage there will fill up, the miners will stop mining gold, because they have nowhere to put it.

The idea could work if we had the option to choose what resources each wagon would pick up- wagon 1 only grabs stone and wood, wagon 2 only grabs clay and sand, wagon 3 only grabs coal and gold, wagon 4 only grabs iron and gold, etc. Which could have its own issues, but it could work, maybe.

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Sometimes wagons do a lousy job, I’ve seen builders carry more weight than a wagon. Regardless, when a wagon goes for example, replenish a work camp with food, firewood etc, could in same trip bring back some of the produced resources on there, the very point is to optimize their work.

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