Wait ... I need to ask something.

Okay I can not find the thread back right now, but I seem to remember reading that legendary items would start dropping in Elite and Ultimate. Or is it normal that you can get a Legendary drop on normal as of level 50? The reason I ask is because I finished the Rhowari Legacy quest and one of the many items that dropped after the fight at the shrine was this one …


Looks nice but it does not fit my Blademaster build. ( I am a bit tempted though, but I wont. ) Is it simply the first to ever drop since my character got over level 50, or is it perhaps a guaranteed drop considering the fact that you free a god with this quest?

I don’t remember getting a Leg for Rhowari Legacy, though my memory could be failing me (did I complete it after 50? I can’t remember). So I’m inclined to think it’s not a guaranteed, you probably just rolled boxcars in Normal. I’m actually not sure if a Leg is guaranteed for killing Log on/after Clvl 50.

monster level to get legendaries is 50 or higher

My understanding is that legendaries can drop at lvl 50 or above. The only “guaranteed” legendary drop that immediately comes to mind is the quest reward when you kill Log.

They can drop at level 50 and up in any difficulty, drop chance increases the higher the difficulty however

Okay, now I understand it, thanks for the explanations every one. :smiley:

I have a char lvl 68, finished elite and 0 legendaries :confused:

Wait. You didn’t get a legendary from Creed for killing Log?

Sorry to hear that, hope that changes fast for you.