War Cry's Terrify and Break morale -res stacking

Hi guys!

I am well aware that “x reduced target’s physical resistance” does not stack and the game only chooses the highest value, however it would seem logical to think that Terrify’s 10 reduced resistance (on level 3/3) and Break morale’s reduced resistance would still be added together as they modify the same skill, which is War Cry. So what happens if I max both??
Could any of you tell me what is going on exactly with this skill now?

If you have 12/12 Break Morale and 3/3 Terrify, you get 30 RR for physical and 10 for everything else.

But “reduced target resistances” includes physical resistance, doesn’t it?
So for physical resistance reduction, it would mean -40 with terrify and break morale together. Or am I missing something?

Yes but afaik only the greatest “target resistances” type debuff works.

Yes, I have read that as well, but it seems weird then that they use two different types on the same skill.