Warborn Commando Optimisation

Hello everyone,

Among a bunch of character I’m running a pretty standard Warborn Commando.
Thanks to some great green all my Resistance are capped and I’m left with a Shield that got No Augment No Component. I’m used to having either Purified Salt/Imbued Silver or the one for Elemental Resitance on my Shield but considering I’m already capped everwhere they feel pretty flat. I did look at the option and nothing did flash my mind as I should get that one but maybe I missed something? Or maybe I should be overcapping a specific resistance as much as possible ?

Also for the Augment I was thinking of multiple option but they all seem kinda lackluster what would classify as the “best”

Essence of Chtnon (from reading it doesn’t seem to stack with itself and I already have one on my weapon).

Dermapteran Chitin would give me 10% Stun (going from 70 to 80%)

Troll Wart Powder would add HP (Already near 12k HP and super tanky)

Maybe one of the Outcast (22 OA, 200HP. I wouldn’t care for the 35% but could take like Aetherial Damage option?)

Would Oleron Fervor 10% Chance of +200% be worth it?

for shield component I like Mark of Myridon for the Flat Health, Flat DA and 15% Shield Recovery.