Warborn Gavel

Who else here is of the opinion the Warborn Gavel should have been a two-hander?

me. I guess i’ll run 3/4 warborn with a colossal and well rolled leviathan.

what would be nice is if they just made another warborn weapon (2H) so you could have the option to go 2H or dual wield or 1H+shield.

same thing for other sets IMO, like ulzuin’s rifle or ulzuin’s pistols.

Not me, seeing as how 1H Physical Legendaries were (and to some extent still are) severely lacking. 2H Physical already had Stonefist Rebuke and Leviathan, both of which already are great for Soldiers.

It’s fine as it is. I also had the impression that it was going to be 2-Handed once, but was surprised once it came out (and in a good way). Having it 1-Handed is nice because that allows you to either use a shield for more tankiness or let’s you use another weapon as a blademaster. This set has great synergies with Siegebreaker because not only does siegebreaker give lot’s of defense, but it has great offensive capabilities as well.

Pretty much what Ceno said. Warborn Gavel being an one handed weapon was probably the best thing they could have done since there was not a single legendary one handed full physical (meaning no conversion into other damage types) weapon available. While there’s already two full physical legendary 2H handed weapons.

I agree that Physical melee weapons are lacking all around but to be fair, Stonefist Rebuke is level 50 and Leviathan has silly Cold damage added to it which should have been bleed/trauma IMO.