Warder build - feedback wanted

My build as a newbie, what you think?

Suggest to follow this thread, it has all answers you seek.

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I will update this [] Thunderbolt - The Primal Strike Warder [c+] [sr+]
With 1.2 release, if you need endgame build


Looking forward to it as i am currently leveling Shaman for hardcore achievements and have not decided if i should take Soldier or Oathkeeper as second class.
Oathkeeper has OA + health + passive source of RR by means of Guardians, while Soldier has oa, da, heath, physique, Damage Reduction (War Cry), resists, and circuit breaker (Menhir’s Will).

Warder is better for HC-18% damage absorption+8.4k hp regen

Thanks, you mean if going for physical savagery via Avenger set?

Lighting PS

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Thanks for the build! Warder it will be. Sacrificing Stormcaller pact is painful, but dying on hardcore is even more painful.

You don’t need it. I got tons of tests and bulwark better here-it gives you regen, damage absorption, flat phys, which converts to lightning (you got 66-84% conversion phys->lightning)

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Thanks. I was thinking about following devotion map:

main idea is to add Turtle for damage absorbtion + Chariot for another heal.

What do you think?

It’s possible to take turtle instead of crab but you will lose in damage and regen. And it’s already kills ravager, calla and sr90+

Your devo road is not so good

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Thanks. One question remains: since you can’t leach via Thunderous Strike (or can you), why seal of blades as component? For Pierce res + armor?

Both and you can leech with PS

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curious why you thought PS couldn’t leech :thinking:

As description says it cannot trigger WPS skills like Feral Hunger, Zolhan Technique, etc, i thought it does not benefit from global adtch. Glad i am wrong.

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ahh, but triggering wps/“not being a default attack replacer” is not what determines lifesteal, weapon dmg is
any skill/attack/spell with %weapon dmg in it can apply global lifesteal like ghoul or seal of blades, and is then scaled by %wd if lower than 100%, but up to max 100% effect for 100 WD

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This can be very confusing to people, I played for a long time before I really understood it. There should be a huge sticky explaining this and other critical core concepts.