Warder build

I need something new for the warder build,i build mine as a 2 handed primal strike build and i am totally bored right now and having way more fun with my 2 handed blood witchblade.
Ok,are there any good warder build without melee? i already have him at level 55,shaman maxed, and some points in the soldier mastery

You could always improvise this build but for Warder:


It makes used of ranged (more specifically, the Vortex of Souls which is a level 75 legendary rifle which pierces). It seems quite fun but still focuses on Primal Strike. If you don’t want to wait until 75 for your build to come into its own, you could also use the weaker ‘Will of Fate’ epic rifle - it also pierces targets, although it’s not quite as powerful, of course.

In more or less this order:

-Max out the Primal strike tree and attach the Falcon constellation skill to it.
-Get 1 level in Grasping vines and attach the Widow constellation skill to it.
-Get Wendigo totem to highest % heal you can, 6% at lvl 15 is a realistic goal.
-Get Field command to lvl 12.
-Max Stormcaller’s pact.
-Get 40% health from the Mogdrogen’s pact tree (Heart of the wild, 10 points) and one point in other skills there. Get Military conditioning to lvl 10 and Scars of battle to lvl 8. Don’t forget a Scaled hide in your shoulders.
-Max Squad tactics, or at least get it to lvl 7.
-One point in Brute force, Fighting spirit and Menhir’s will, increase if you have spare points depending on what you need.
-One point in Wind devil and max Raging tempest + Maelstrom is decent as well.

Mandatory constellations, aside from Widow and Falcon are Hawk (full), Viper (full), Behemoth (only the skill) and Kraken (full). Rest is up to you, but you can easily reach Spear of the heavens for the massive OA and lightning boost. Tempest on the Wendigo totem is also good.

I don’t want to just link a lvl 85 GrimCalc setup because it highly depends on your items and play style and there are many equally good options.

Edit: nvm, misread the op. This is a melee setup, but works identically with the Vortex. I have it on switch.

Hi, I completely understand your request. I also got a 2H warder, found it a bit boring to play so I respec her to a close ranged ForceWave warder.

I’ve already presented my build in an other thread, here is all I wrote:

Since then, I’ve changed a bit the build, I’ve removed the Wendigo Totem cause I don’t like to stay at the same place.
So here it’s the new calc

thanks for the hints!!

@potato,does a 2handed rifle build really work? also during levelling up?

@generall i will check your build

@Djinn i will check yours also

Any other suggestions? whats up with the magic shaman stuff,is there also a warder build possible (totems etc)

2h Riffle is insane for leveling… very very good with primal strike and even fire strike.

You need falcon swoop with primal strike for later levels(ultimate) or else the skill falls off hard