Warder Builds??


im looking for a alternative Warder build for finish my leveling and for the endgame.Currently im lvl 52.Builds in the compendium looks kinda meh.My build now is bliz,savagery,blade arc,war cry,wendigo and spamming those healing pots.If i remember correctly this build is from the beta days.

If you’re patient. I’m currently fine tuning mine in regards to devotions.

Are you building lightining or physical build.

If you want physical savagery you can look into this one:


Was pretty good at that time

Basically im looking for something entirely different.If that is possible.

For my lightning Warder I’ve gone for this

It also takes the +skills from gear into consideration. And i assume you also done Hidden Path quest and others for bonus points to spend.

Complete Ultos set
Incorruptible Golus ring of the Bassilist <-- can take a few weeks to farm Gollus
Lifegiver Signet
Empowered leg plates of Valor (looking for a better Dreeg-sect to get more OA and better crits)
Grasp of Unchained Might
Golemborn Boots
Badge of Mastery with +5 to primal strike <-- happy crafting
Tinker’s Ingenuity belt
Eye of the storm relic

It has 15k hp, OA 2300, DA200. OA and DA with procs is 2750 and 2300-2400. Damage with buffs is 40.200 with highest Crit around 85k thusfar.

This build can clear main content flawlessly. Haven’t tested it against nemesissies yet. Thinking about taking 3 points out of Heart of Wild and putting it in Brute Force just to see how that would work.

Well for lightining warder you can try this one, it’s also good


Scroll down to the warder

What about a shield lightning warder? Bad idea?

Latest build I tried was a Warder based on the Bloodrager set:
Click here to view equipment configuration

Feels a bit mediocre. Got up to 232k bleed ticks on the dummy when all stars align, about 90-100k average on most mobs that last long enough, and then you need ages to kill any undead or obsidian mob. The boss of the second chthonic rift felt like he took a couple minutes to go down too…

Survival isn’t great either, most likely gonna replace medal with a MoD if I ever feel like giving this a go in crucible. Didn’t grind enough rep to fight nemeses yet.

Pretty sure the concept would work better on a Witchblade too.

edit: it’s also very bad against reflection, almost died a couple times because I got a BA or decapitate crit on an archmage at the wrong time. I chose Owl constellation for a reason, bleh…

Did it with Elementalist, I think Warder can also do it