Warhammer: Chaosbane

Trying to decide whether to try out the new Warhammer ARPG when it comes out in June. What’s everyone thinking of what we know so far? Will it be worth the price? Will it be good?


Seems like it may be good as long as they get the issues that show up in this beta version sorted out

Looks pretty decent, I hope it comes too steam and not taken by epic.

Edit, its on steam, but that doesn’t mean anything when epic could do an epic, have to wait and see.

controls look awful, if it will be released with those cluncky controls i will never consider buying it.

If this is on the same quality level as inquisitor, no thanks. I’ll keep my money.

it is a different studio, so there is hope :wink:

its looks interesting, its just a beta, hope they change some things based on the players feedback

In April they will do 2nd beta phase

I will kept my eye on the game

From the reviews I saw, it seems it’s full of bugs (in the UI mainly) and very clunky. And it’s to be released in 2 months. Imho, this will be another missed launch for a mediocre game.
WH universe reminds me of Star Wars in the 1980s-1990s: a wonderful licence, lore, universe and hundreds of mediocre games but for 1 or 2 gems.

I’m keeping my eye on this, but I have my reservations. Especially since the price got announced. Which is…eh, it’s not worth that money. But neither was Inquisitor, still waiting for that to drop below 25$(below 20 is ideal).