Warlord build feedback

Haven’t made a melee build before, working with this S&B cadence warlord right now. Resistances are a bit rough and I think things could probably be polished up in a number of ways, but I’m not sure what direction to go for improvement.



These are my takes on the communities warlord builds Which I made after looking over several peoples builds. Hope these help point you in the right direction.

Thanks for the reply. Your builds look good, but I’m maybe having trouble telling what the notable differentiating factors are; i.e., which differences are primarily responsible for enabling so much better overcapping of resistances vs what choices are made to facilitate the OA/DA, etc. I think Empyrion helps with res., but not sure what else… I’m looking through trying to find that out, but it’s not immediately clear to me.

Ok I’ll try to go over most of the differences.
CD=Crit Damage) OA=Offensive Ability) DA=Defensive Ability) (Utility is what I think of as wigil room)

Mythical Peerless Eye of Beronath - this amulet is completely an offensive choice +10% CD and +94 OA but has +1 to all skills as a bit of utility.

Mythical open hand of mercy/closed fist of vengeance - One of my personal choices because they are generalist rings. several boosts to OA/DA, Health/energy regeneration, attack speed, resists and a small heal. I am hunting for some green rings to test.

Mythical Siegebreaker - I had a hard time with this one because there are several choices that will fit (the grey knight,Markovian’s and Untouchable). +1 to soldier and 16% physical resist won me over but The grey knight might be better which i need to test.

Mythical Stonetreaders - defensive boots with a powerful Damage absorption proc and armor increases.

Serenity - The communities go to right now for Relic because it has powerful defenses, a defensive proc and +1 to all skills.

Components and Augments - I use them to fill in defensive gaps (resists,DA,regen) and then boost Damage (CD,OA,%damage) followed by utility picks (Attack Damage converted to health,movement speed,Prismatic Diamond Proc).

Exclusive Skill Divine Mandate - Highest Damage choice for this setup because of the +CD and the OA from Oleron’s Rage isn’t needed.

Movement Skill Vampiric Shadows - This is from one of the new Rune skills that can be slotted on your Medal and I used it to sub in for other movement skills like Blitz or Vire’s Might which saves points for other skills.

Everything else is more or less is increased or decreased based on what the build is missing/needs or personal taste.

My setup is a slightly tweaked version (personal taste tweaks generally only 2-5 points changed)of other peoples optimized setups. Devotions generally come down to the best path to support a build and don’t have a great deal of variance and from what I have found this is just the optimal setup for my build.

Light of Empyrion - Damage, resists, and a proc that does AOE damage while %reducing the enemies damage.

Obelisk of Menhir - Generally only the bottom 3 points are used by most people I have looked at because they provide the greatest boosts and Stone Form just doesn’t support the build in the right way (Cadence focus).
If You want to compare Light of Empyrion’s proc to Stone Form %damage reduction is better then flat damage absorption and Light of Empyrion also deals damage (meaning I wouldn’t sacrifice light for stone form).

Why not Shieldmaiden, Anvil and Bat - Well It’s mostly come down to the same problem as Stone Form in the fact that the build is for Cadence support and they don’t provide optimal support for it(shieldmaiden,anvil are block focused and Bat is the wrong damage type). There are just several better options both offensively and Defensively(Panther,Jackel,Sailor’s Guide and the extra points needed for Light of Empyrion).

Hope this covers most of the differences and choices but I may have Missed some thing. hope it helps

Here’s the builds with some dream greens and Crushing Verdict: