Warlord vs Warder dps potential

I was leaning towards a Primal Strike Warder build, but never played either class. Deff going w/ a 2h melee focus though which seems to fit Warder more.
Question about Savagery though: That does stack with other skills right? Like if I get 6 stacks then proceed to slap away with PS the Sav stacks will carry over, right?

If you wanna focus on soldier skills then warlord is better. If you wanna focus on shaman skills, then warlord - not good.

Only phys res from the transmuter, Tenacity stats and attack speed from the third node are global buffs. All other Savagery numbers only affect Savagery.

:smiley: 10chars

No 3x mastery? :man_shrugging:

You could go 2H PS Warder, although for lightning damage I still would go Vindicator or even Druid.

In Grim Dawn 2 I hope! Let’s get some REAL build variety! (and bigger stash lol)

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My first character was 2h melee lightning warder, then I turned him to physical. Tried most style and if you are not playing bleed based, pure physical warder is kinda waste of time. However I’m recently playing with a 2h melee warlord. I started as blade arc+judgment combo bleed build then turned him to physical gutsmasher build. Of course I have some trauma and bleed damage but I do mostly physical damage and I can reach 250k+ sheet dps and 3600+ OA when all buffs are active. The problem is(I don’t know why everyone keep saying this) these builds are not that tanky. If you aren’t using shield then you just got more HP and HP regen that’s all. There are more tankier 2h melee builds you can count on that. But with an avarage lifesteal they can survive. Also if you’re looking for a simpler build, physical warder is for you. There are different playstyles, first you have to choose what skill you are going to spam. As your question is about mainly 2h melee soldier build and asking what should be the second class; I’m guessing you’re going to choose blade arc/forcewave or cadence. You can use different gear for each of them. You can focus bleed or trauma or just keep on physical.
Primal Strike Warder is a different story equally great class with a high dps potential. Also you can play stormreaver cadence with warder. I haven’t tried that one yet but it looks like you can get better dps on single targets than primal strike warder. Check the builds inside the forum then just give it a shot. If you don’t enjoy the playstyle you can create a new one. It’s all about your fun, the endgame dps or other stats is irrelevant unless you’re aiming to high.

That sounds interesting, although I’m not a big fan of cadence or savagery or skills that require stacking to achieve end goal dps. I really just want raw initial dps, even if it’s slightly less than something with a stacked skill.

But for sure 2h melee, it’s the only build I haven’t really done yet. I’d like to work poison in there, but Warder isn’t really the class for that.

@RektbyProtoss has a stormreaver cadence build on YT check it out

Here’s the playlist, if you are interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=un_eM_iYkfQ&list=PL-7HuL5PyGELOg-R73RbJHcehVFu2oZS1&index=1


Ugghhh I HATE having to stack skills it’s really boring I feel like I’m watching a clock. Damn, OK well Warder is out this aint fun for me, and the primary goal is to have fun.
Maybe I’ll just do what I originally wanted and make a garbage 2h melee poison build that won’t do jack in end-game and just have fun while I can :frowning:

If you want 2H acid build, you can make 2H caster like this

Warder’s best builds: @Shoot2033’s Bleeding Warder and @Slev1n’s Ultos Warder.

Warlord’s best builds: probably some Chinese guy’s or @AlkamosHater some flavour of retal s&b tank and spin-to-win Warborn (can also spin into Shard 90 with Avenger of Cairn amulet).

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what about lightning retal warder? did it get nerfed to the grave?

on the other hand, thread author was after 2H build, so not sure if there is any SR75+ 2H warlord out there.

It’s okay-ish for 75-76 Shards, but painfully slow in Crucible and inferior in every way to retal warlords. Lightning retal sucked because of the damage spread and now it sucks even more after retal nerfs.

I should also add that retal builds are a bit cancerous to play with. They all have problems with movement speed and casting speed and often energy and killing casters with most of them is a super awkward and painful process. Not everyone’s cup of tea.


Sure there is: Bleeding Warlord :wink:

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Please forgive oh master of the art of bleed! :smiley:

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You are excused. :joy:

Didn´t try this build in but should be still viable.

I mentioned the Bleed Arc Warlord is great build. And there was Fire SharZul 2H by @Dmt which was also good.

Warlords are usually getting the job done.

I must have gotten some disconnections in my brain, I could not couple blade arc with bleed

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The last specc I played was this: Grimtools

Changed from Behemoth to Berserker, added Falcon again…and added another nuke with component.

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