Water in storage yards

am i the only one that find it annoying that once a fire has been put out, the workers bring them storage yards.

when i started running into space problems (also can’t really fit in much more storage, i unchecked it… but they don’t seem to want to get rid of it.

would be really nice to have this work better - and maybe even have a limit to store?

but … what I did is to put all water in the initial wagon and uncheck it everywhere else.
This way, only the wagon gets filled … and I don’t care about it :grin:

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If you uncheck it EVERYWHERE, including the wagon… will they just not collect it?

well i have one storage yard a place where there isn’t much water near, so i figured they would bring it to the only option - and they don’t.

From what I’ve seen wells are a valid location for them to store it.

Put a storage yard next to the tannery, brewery, or few others that use water in their production. Then set it to be the only one that accepts water.

If no storage accepts water, a message is displayed telling you that there isn’t enough storage

They are saving it for rainy day.

Came here to bring up this exact problem. Both my storage yards were completely filled with water, and no villagers were taking the water back out. It took YEARS for it to finally dwindle. Meanwhile I have no storage. Terrible system.