Wave 150 shouldn't be able to double Iron Maiden

sorry but that’s completely absurd. with 80% bleed resist you still drop 20k to 0 in about 5 seconds. that’s just broken

3 x Valdaraan is much worse :slight_smile:

Just up your DA - seems you are getting critted. Also Dryad helps immensively vs bleeding/poison.

Nope. It’s the bleed dot I always die far away. Next try it rolled different though and any other combo has been cake by comparison.

I actually beg to differ. Valdaran’s annoying with his teles and will fuck you up if your lightning resist isn’t good but he’s nowhere near as stupidly dangerous (even with 3 of him) as a double Iron Maiden spawn IMO.

EDIT: I got a double Iron Maiden spawn in ASPIRANT and spent the entirety of the round going “SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT”. I beat them but had closer calls than I care for with them especially for a goddamn Aspirant-level run. (Fabius was a joke on Aspirant, though.)

EDIT 2: The thing about IM is she can and will absolutely stun the bejesus out of you. She does a lot of damage too, this is true, but getting the absolute crap stunned out of you is practically a guarantee of a bad day. I was at ~60 stun reduction and she seriously did not care.

Yay, free & endless teleport until you die :smiley: