We need new build formats. (Build compedium, build writings, ideas.)

I see. THX! I am still patient!

But sometimes they are necessary, and substantially affect gameplay. Take healing devotions for casters without lifesteal.

I’m not sure I see the issue: wouldn’t devotions be just another comma-separated list? Specifying triggers is hardly necessary.

Hi there.

  1. I love what Belzzz did with details tag, so the new application format will include that. Scrolling can be a bitch on this new forum, so I think making long posts easier to scroll is the right way to do things.

  2. Details tag allows putting more info under it, so I consider what else could be put there. For starters I think to obsolete (sr) and © tags and just allow you to specify which shard you’ve reached or what your cruci achievements are. Tell me what you think about it.

  3. I won’t require filing empty fields like WPS Skills: None. If it’s omitted it defaults to none. Same with proposed SR / Cruci lines - if it is omitted it defaults to not tested. This will make entries less uniform, but since they will be hidden under details tag it doesn’t matter.

  4. Don’t see any problem with coloring. Ideally you should take the form I would prepaire for you and just fill it. There’s no reason why you should type bbcodes manually yourself.

That’s my rough plans on the new application form. The burden of updating the old submissions would lie on me, and ofcourse it won’t happen overnight.

Feel free to criticize.

Can u make an example with 1 and 2?

I used it to re write my builds. :smiley:


what about this?

► [Ranged] [] Ludrigan’s Light [SR+] No Greens No Shrines (omnitrio)

[ G3 ] | [ HC ] | [ C+ ] | [ SR+ ] | [ VID ] | [ L ]

Build's Skills
  • Damage: Lightning, Electrocute
  • Active Skills: Savagery, Storm Totem, Wind Devil, Word of Renewal, Inquisitir Seal, Storm Box of Elgoloth
  • Passive Skills: Mogdrogen’s Pact, Aura of Censure, Deadly Aim
  • WPS Skills: Bursting Round, Chilling Rounds, Strorm Spread

also we can use this

[ G3 ]

exlample for people from phones (screenshot)


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Yes, it is close to what I want, but I’m 100% going to avoid floating tooltips.

Reasons are:

  1. It’ll bloat the submission form. I’m in favour of people just filling up the ready-made form instead of building it themselves in the text editor, but I want to keep it neat and easy to understand.
  2. For now we know nothing about if there are any character count limits placed upon a post. If there are then it’s a question whether these tooltips count to that.

Ceno hit a limit of 45,000 yesterday, but I don’t know if that included tooltips or not.

also tooltips not work on phones (((

I don’t think builds in the compendium should be formatted at all beyond build type (ranged, melee, etc.), class, dmg type and other things from the headline.

What could follow is a tweet sized description of whatever the builder wants to be heard about like key gear, piloting skill requirements, pros and cons, what he ate for breakfast on Monday, whatever.

What sense does it make to type in C e n s u r e , D e a d l y A i m , W o r d o f R e n e w a l like a robot in every freaking inquisitor.

It is to search for builds using certain skills.
If enough people feel like that I’ll simplify the form, leaving only “main skills”.

Oh, I didn’t realize that… It might actually make sense. Censure might as well be a dmg skill, etc.

And leave WPS: none. Casters and pets MUST SUFFER! :smiling_imp:

I hope new format,doesn’t require typing codes and is not bloated.

I feel that beats the idea of compendium,to have easy tags and players to choose quickly,which build is interesting to them.

Anyway the information is already in the build topics,why you should rewrite it again?

I feel that beginners builds should be sorted by style of play,without spoilers and others are fine just the way are now.

As whole I don’t like the idea to have multiple hidden behind spoilers stuff.

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I am agree with Nery and ya1.

I don’t want use codes that is not here… I have to find out how to do that “green” color. (Even if is there, quote, copy.) In the old forum it was great i just klick on the button.

Now i feel everybody here is some kind of webmaster with all the tricks… and i am not. I am forced to use soemthing what i don’t understand or not fit for the forum.

Everybody speaking BB codes i don’t even know what is that.

Further WPS i think default is good, wich is None.

You would have definitely seen BBcode while USING the old forum. Once you highlighted your text and selected the color you wanted it would have wrapped that highlighted text in this:



There is no way you could have missed seeing that while editing your post on the old forum. It’s simple forum editing jargon.

I agree tho it would still be nice if Z and them could figure out if there is a plugin already for the forum that exists that adds this functionality via buttons.

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Oh that is yeah i used that, but still don’t know what is BB code in generally, and why is the name BB code, like a champagne. :smiley:

Essentially BBcode is just a very lightweight, stripped down version of HTML (HTML is generally the backbone of web sites/pages and what is used to display these pages for you).

BBcode is a more simplified version of that used primarily in forums for easier editing of text and the like, as we are doing here. And it is often what your ‘buttons’ you favor are making use of in the post editors.

The ‘BB’ stands for Bulletin Board - BBcode = Bulletin Board code

THX! Now, I see.

What is your solution for (c), which turns into ©? To use square brackets instead of round ones and type [c]?

You could also just put a space before and after:

( c )

( c )