We need to keep an eye on acid rata grasping vines after PTR May 20

The shield is now providing acid retal rather than posion retal, and the value is very high. ( 2000 at high rolls)

Both its CR and SR performance are buffed. I’m not pretty sure but I think it may be performing too good now, because it was already very good before the shield change.

Let’s keep an eye on it.


Or just let one strong build be strong. :person_shrugging:
I rather have rly weak stuff be buffed instead tbh.


I had one before the patch and meant to test it out (and test the new Daega buffs at the same time)

I’ll let you know here :slight_smile:

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Well, just ran crucible with it (I ran Morgoneth last night) and it definitely feels stronger than before.

Why is that: because I usually can’t clear crucible with anything :sweat_smile:

I used to be able to do it with this build before but it was always seat-of-the-pant and not always successful (the build used 4-piece perdition set instead of Daega and Dark one’s gloves)

However, I don’t feel like it’s TOO strong. (That’s just my setup however, it MIGHT be too strong if someone else were to build around it and pilot better than I’m capable of)

Pros: Easiest piloting in the game. Good single target damage. Ridiculous AOE damage. Good sustain with Wendigo Totem and the ADCtH mod on the shield. High health.

Cons: Despite having 2 movement skills, is slow and hard to get out of sticky situations. Low-ish OA, middling DA. Poor CC resist (Aside from stun). Mediocre resist overcaps. No panic button. Lacks a bit of RR.

Overal, a very solid build that’s easy to play, very forgiving with no notable weak points, but it won’t steamroll SR 90+ without a few deaths. I don’t think these buffs went too far, the build is right where it should be IMO :slight_smile:

I will test out SR 75-80 later

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+1 /10char