Weaknesses and strengths of this game

1st ISSUE: The character/story/setting lacks a ‘raison d’être’ to draw people in.

Combining a blank-slate character into a world mostly destroyed as well as the fact your character only forms strong ongoing relationships with only maybe (one?) character makes it really hard for players like me to feel their heart is in the game.

This issue follows the character through many moments of the game - See the NPC with a yellow mark. Finish dialogue. Kill the things. Run back to him. Everyone thanks me. Move on.

(Be careful to not get carried away with ending every problem the character faces with ‘just jump through my riftgate!’)

Yes, the notes explain the story to GD. But it doesn’t really bring the story alive. All these stories of how these previous people died. All this ‘parked’ weaponry/tanks/cannons on the floor. For me it is fascinating, but not that engaging.

Even when i completed the game it never really feels like Fort Ikon/Homestead/Devil’s crossing/ are now connected.
There is ONE moment where when you reclaim that outpost in the resistance of the expansion and the NPCS move in there. that was cool. At that moment it really did feel like it had been reclaimed.

2nd ISSUE:The game play is too strong on the ‘color everywhere from skills’ side and too quiet on the actual animation(body movement) of your character. 90% of the reason nightblade is awesome for me is simply because of the shadow strike movement.

Strength 1: This is a brain game. It is really enjoyable to get lost in thinking through skills and equipment in order to make a build work and building up your knowledge. If this game was a partner, darn they are pretty ugly but boy do they have an amazing marriage-material personality.

Strength 2: The Artwork and music is very nice. I especially liked the last boss-zone of AoM, with the half-alive bodies stuck in the walls. It really did feel ‘grim’ and it felt like i was witnessing something horrible rather than the ‘the horrible things have already happened’ feeling in some of those other dungeons.

  • All the bosses from Act 3 onward really did feel and ‘look’ how bosses should - although i did start to notice a similar design theme of ‘giant, big, and gross’ for all of them:D

  • I remember also getting lost in those ‘chaos-red-ball-zones’ was pretty exciting. I hope there are more moments like that that really make the character feel ‘trapped.’

Anyway -Really enjoy what you guys do and are doing. I understand most of these problems exist because it is hard to budget for them with a small team and a relatively small company, and by the end of AoM you can tell the developers are going in the right direction with the game - keep at it!