Weapon locations

I have been looking for some kind of database on weapon or other wearable item locations and have been so far unlucky so if anyone can help, ty…

You’ll find all the items here in the grimtools database.


I am finding the items ok but have not found a place that lists where to find them as in weap,shields etc. and ty for the response…

If you’re talking about locations in the game to find certain items, then most are random drops so can be found anywhere.

Monster Infrequents drops from certain mosnters, the location of those monsters you can find in the linked website.

Otherwise it is random drops

So it looks like most really epic items can drop seemingly anywhere with difficulty level playing a part because most items do not list a location…Thanks fpr all the responses btw…

yes most blue and purple items are random. Also level is important too. A level 100 monster will not drop level 60 items.