Weaving Savagery with other attacks

If I use Savagery to activate its buff, and then use Primal Strike, will I still benefit from Might of the Bear (Total Damage and Physical Resist), Tenacity of the Boar (Health regeneration and OA) and Storm Touched (Attack Speed) for as long as the Savagery buff remains active?

If yes, will having more than one stack of the Savagery buff be beneficial in any way, or is one charge enough? I understand the duration would be longer at least.

I’m quite certain the Physical Resist, OA and Health Regeneration will linger since logically they shouldn’t disappear just because you use a different attack, but perhaps Total Damage and Attack Speed don’t carry over to Primal Strike?

Would appreciate some clarification as I’m theory-crafting a new Primal Strike build.

attack speed carries over, not total damage

it’s a transmuter so it affects the skill directly
since the phys res is a buff, it will then remain active while any savagery charge is in place, but the Total dmg is not a buff but a modification to savagery attack itself.
thus the only bonus you get for primal strike is the global buff some savagery nodes confer, Tenacity Boar and Storm Touched

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