Website Purchase from Grim Dawn Website

I am new person to Grim Dawn. I heard about when I read about the 50% off Sale via

I have couple of questions which I can’t seem to find the answers to.

If I buy the game via the Grim Dawn Website , what plaform does it use to the download the game. Does it use its own laucher(something similiar to Steam etc)?

How would I purchase the other 2 DLC’s as I see no option on the Buy Now! page.


Hiya and welcome to Grim Dawn

Not the most definite of answers (as it’s changed since I last bought a copy and now available on GOG as well) but Grim Dawn is only available to play via either Steam or GOG, the sales from this site are handled by Humble Bundle and I think that you get the option of either a Steam or GOG key

Regards the DLC there’s (IIRC) 2 ways of getting that, you can either buy it from the Steam / GOG page (there’s no purchase just the DLC direct from the site) or you can purchase the Loyalist version which has also the upcoming expansion (not released for sale on its own anywhere yet as not complete) included and iirc the Crucible DLC as well.

Though PLEASE wait for confirmation from others regards the Crucible being included with the loyalist version as I think it is…but I’m not 100% sure.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum.

Don’t know if the Buy Now page is outdated or not, but it does say the expansion is included in the Loyalist, but no mention of the Crucible DLC and also says you get the game from Steam. So whether there’s an option to have it via GOG now too I don’t know.

People tend to get confused on the Loyalist, thinking that’s what they mean when they see the word expansion. No, the Loyalist does not include the Crucible, just the coming expansion and the other included items.

Thanks for the all the replies and Welcome

So I can download it via Steam. Buying it directly from Steam almost doubled the price.

I think I will purchase the Loyalist Edition as it allows me to get the expansion for free when it comes out.

As for the Crucible DLC it is available for purchase as a seperate item on Steam.

P.S. I have just bought the Loyalist Edition.Busy downloading as we speak.

Yes, that’s right. You buy it here and then you’ll get a Steam key for the game from Humble Bumble who handle the game key distribution for Crate. From the Loyalist pay page:

“We have partnered with Humble Store to provide key distribution and to allow us to stay focused on game development. They will keep a permanent record of your Grim Dawn ownership so that you can always go there to download Steam key and any other future items tied to your purchase.”

Then just enter the key in your Steam account, download and install and enjoy. Have fun.