Weird stuff happening in my save folder

I can play every character without problems, but today i did check GD save folder and some character were missing, the ones i created since i bought AOM.

I did check files integrity and all was ok then restarted GD and i can play them but looks like they aren’t in my usual save folder, any clues?

Computer possessed. Seek exorcist promptly.

No, but really, my guess is that cloud saving got turned on and they’re in the folder Steam Cloud uses.

Cloud saving almost surely is on. Likely got turned on messing with settings when AoM was released.

i did check: cloud disabled from steam options of the game and on the game options.

Also : i’ve seen steam cloud save folder and there are only those 3 characters i used in the past when i was using the cloud.

Maybe it’s time to call that exorcist

Running disk check with /f and /r flags enabled might bring them back. As this sounds like hard drive errors might have claimed the stuff that tells windows where files are. Otherwise you’ll need to use a file recovery program and hope the data hasn’t been over written…

aight before anything else lemme thanks everybody who replied and then apologize for not intentionally trolling.

Turns out that it was all in C:/users/documents/mygames/grim dawn/save

insead of the usual folder via steamapp.