Wendigo spirits not dropping

I am trying to complete the wendigo spirts quest, and I have been killing Ancient Wendigos for hours and have not seen any drops of the quest item. Is this quest bugged? Thank you.

Your Level? Playing n, e, u?

Those spirits drop rarely anyway, and when your level is too high for the difficulty level, they wont drop at all.

You can exchanche Aetherial Missives for Spirits in the Malmouth Outskirts though.

Having said that I also noticed, that spirits drop almost never… could indeed be a bug or needs re-adjusting, just like the Ugdenblooms.

I am Level 51. My first run through the game on normal difficulty. The ugdenbloom are still dropping for me although I already completed that quest, so I think this quest may be bugged somehow, as the drop rate seems exceedingly low for a story side-quest that you are supposed to be able to complete.

not the quest itself, me think, but maybe the droprate.

To be frank, I dont remember any drops besides questrewards sincw…

So a bug is possible.

What do the others say?

Buuuut… you should check grimtools for it, the spirit only drops from heroes and beyond afaik… not the normal ancients.

According to Grimtools the drop rate from Wendigo - Ancient is quite low. Pair that with a stretch of bad luck…

If you proceed the witches will eventually reward you with a Wendigo Spirit. I think the quest requires Respected status with them. You can also try to get one from Treasure Troves or proceed in the story and try to find a blacksmith who can craft one for you.

Wendigo Ancients are also rather rare in my experience compared to the other varieties of Wendigo which also have a drop chance on a Wendigo Spirit, it’s just even lower than the Ancients. Killing Heroes is a little better than the Ancients.

Your best bet would be to kill as many Wendigos as you can with a preference for Heroes followed by Ancients. If you’ve reached Respected reputation with Barrowholm and done some of their prerequisite quests, they then offer one to kill 3 unique Wendigos located around Gloomwald/Ugdenbog that have a ~12% chance of dropping a Spirit each. Packla, the Turning in Gloomwald also has a 15% chance of dropping a Spirit and can be fought in the same run.

You get two from Ugdenbog quests. One from doing a Coven quest (i forget which one) and another for sparing Larria in the Barrowholm questline.

But if you already used those, it’s gonna take a while for one to drop.

If you exceed the level of the monsters significantly, you will not get rare material drops either, but yes, it is possible you hit a bad streak of RNG.

The quest rewards sound like the best bet to get this item. I am the same level as the monsters, but I don’t know if the level scaling has anything to do with drop rate. Maybe this could be patched to make the quest item a different item with a 100% drop rate in order to make the quest easier to complete–unless the quest is intended to be difficult to complete. Though, I guess the quest rewards do make the item a 100% guaranteed find in a sense. Thank you for the responses.