What are all the super/secret bosses? Guides?

If i’m not mistaken it’s Mogdrogen, Ravager, Lokarr, John Bourbon, Callagadra, and Crate of Entertainment? Am I missing any?

Can someone please give me links to their guides? I’m on hardcore I heard things like rocks leading to lokarr? and maggots or something that can one shot you no matter how well geared or prepared you are. :frowning:

Mogdrogen is a Rover faction quest
Ravager is a Barrowholm quest
Bourbon, Lokarr and Crate of Entertainment are secret quests only in Ultimate and there should be walkthroughs in the Guides and Tutorials section of the forum.
Callagrada just is. No quest, just an item needed to bring her wrath down on your unsuspecting head. :smile:

Mogdrogen is on all difficulties and only once per difficulty? Same with Ravager or can you beat him infinite?

What about the others? Also is Calla ultimate only as well?

Yes, Mog is on all difficulties, once per character per difficulty. I assume Ravager is as well since it’s a quest.

You can farm the secret quest bosses and Callagrada is on all difficulties. Iirc she’s around L82-86 in Normal though so be warned.

I’m guessing I should be only doing them once I reach level 100 for their better drop? Like mog has a blue drop and a purple drop?

No idea, never fought either of them.

What have you fought? You’re playing pets right? What have you fought that’s given you trouble so far?

Fought them all in HC, except for Crate. What build do you plan to use?

Pet conjurer. Maya’s fluffy squishy but with a completely different devotion path.

Do you have GT link?

Well, with my old Conjurer I tried John and Crate. Got to the end of both, but couldn’t defeat the bosses. Calla handed me my head a couple of times as well before I gave up. Haven’t gotten Maya’s Fluffy Squishy Conjurer far enough along to try any of them yet.

No i’m leveling fresh right now, but I can link you what it will be in the end. This is maya’s link https://www.grimtools.com/calc/nZodwe9N

It’s good. For Mog you will need to bump up your lightning res. Maybe use a couple of radiant gems in succession to have a perma +10% max res. Your phys res is good otherwise.

Ravager should be easier for this build, just some light kiting is all that’s needed.

John B is not a huge threat as long as you don’t lose the pets and don’t get yourself cornered and overrun.

Calla should be ok with a lot of kiting and resummoning, and a lot of pharma too.

Don’t be hesitant about using pharma in all those fights.

Oh I know the build is capable of doing all of the fights, I just heard the rock looking enemies and the maggots can one shot any character so I would like a guide on how to prevent that.