What are some of the weirdest and most unique builds you've ever made?

Everything is on the GT link in that thread. (Blue text is hyperlinked, you can click on it to go to the thread)

Basically you get all the pets you can from items like the Yeti, Dirge, Talon, etc plus the Bysmiel devo pet. Then convert their dmg to elemental using the rings + weapon to make use of the elemental RR you have at your disposal.

You basically build it like a pet build interms of gear and devotions. Just using a non pet class.

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Direwolf Crest. Then I had some dope Moosie Shoulders and Mythical starfury amulet.

By fire assassin do you mean a dervish (Oathkeeper/Nightblade)? I have ALWAYS wanted to build a fire based Nightblade. So curious how it would turn out with cold converted to fire, and I have been DYING to put this Vilgazor’s Heart MI to use, especially now that damage conversion effects seem to be changing some (if not all) of the appearances of skills. Would love to see ring of steel in flaming red/orange.

Tough to choose just one.

First nominee,sword+off hand Bone harvest build.Off hand is called Backscratcher :smile: and I use Soiled trousers.So I scratch my back and throw bones and feces.

Second choice is DW melee Mage Hunter,using dual Malakor and maxed Iskandra Elemental Exchange.

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Yo this is really cool man! Im not big on pet builds but i LOOOVE unconventional builds, especially when they are functional.

Still new to grim tools and all that, otherwise id post some of my own weird builds. The first and only level 100 character i have was one, a pure Shaman going full-tilt HP Regen, using totems, vines, Apothecary’s Touch and Healing Rain to operate as a healer. In ultimate I took soldier strictly for Military Conditioning and Menhir’s Will.

I had read so much about how HP Regen was useless, but to be honest I cant stress enough just how much fun i had playing this character- She just would not die. Her HP Regen at default is 2k+ Per sec, and when abilities pop off it goes up to 5k per sec WITHOUT Menhirs Will procing. Shes got 20k HP, so its very tough to put her down with all the healing shes got going on. Put her alongside a Defiler support and the team is like damn near invincible.

You can find everything you need to know about GrimTools build calculator here: [GrimTools] Build Calculator

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Lol i like the flavor in your first choice hahaha. Should top him off with the cauldron of wonders or whatever it is, that epic helmet from AoM thats similar to the soiled trousers. Lol just an all around nasty character.

Again, love the dual wield of unconvential means on classes one wouldnt think to DW on. My Deceiver uses DW Touch of Purity to neutralize DoT effects on the squad for up to 16 seconds straight i need be, alternating between the 2. I see here, with DW malakdors youre pretty much constantly getting procs on malakdors infusion as its likely firing off as soon as it cools down, and at 8 seconds cooldown with 12 seconds uptime, thats like auto-heals every 8 seconds, granted its just 8% but with a large pool of HP it is great!

Thanks! Let me try to digest some of this.

Actually put together and played or theorycrafted? I think the weirdest character I’ve played in recent times is Chaos Drain Essence + Ravenous Earth. Not sure what to say for theorycrafted, there’s a lot I could pick.

Im speaking of actually played. Was your Chaos Drain Essence a Cabalist? I am assuming, seems like a great combo for that and ravenous earth with CoF and possibly even Bloody Pox, mad proc potential there!

Im wondering about a build id love to try- wishing and hoping there is, or will soon be, an acid/poison to fire/burn damage conversion for blight fiend/unstable anomaly. Would really really enjoy making a demo/necro built around exploding blight fiend bombs, with the hourglass and a ton of gildam arcanum and other CDR effects to keep pumping em out- is there anything out there like this that you know of?

It was a Defiler at first but when that didn’t work as well as I hoped, I tried Apostate. It did better but still had some issues.

I don’t know if pet conversion for Acid/Vitality to Fire damage exists off the top of my head but Acid/Vitality to Elemental does so perhaps you could try something with that.

Edit: This is the character link I made for the BiS version of the Apostate long ago: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eZPg4vGV. Stats look mostly good on paper (except for Armour/Physical resistance) but in practice, it falls apart defensively.

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The Rings from Bysmiel’s trinkets set convert some poison and acid dmg into Elemental (upto 80% with max conversion rolls on both rings). So you can kind of have Elemental Blight Fiends.

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I hadnt thought of thise rings from bysmiels set… Its not as pure of a conversion, but it might do the trick… Perhaps a spellbinder as opposed to demo in that scenario, if elemental exchange affects the blight fiends… Not sure if thats the case.

It only affects physical damage however. If that is what you seek, you can simply use Bysmiel’s Mindweaver along with the Rings instead. No need to change classes :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ohhhh wow… Dude i am liking this! Maybe dual wield those babies for absurdity sake. Alongside the rings… But ill be missing out on a lot of essential CDR to maintain multiple blight fiends on the field

Yeah, don’t DW if going for Blightfiends. You absolutely need the CDR. Also you don’t really gain much from DW’ing them as you will already have 100% Physical to Elemental conversion with good rolls.

For something that’s both weird and actually viable, AlexGoldFish_322’s Auramancer is pretty amazing.

Just angrily shouts at bosses so hard they give up and die.

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cold purifier - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YZeoo9Q2
DW BK Cabalist (works better as Ritualist with Bloodrender) - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/vNQddQnZ
those 2 were the builds that i’ve actually played , though ive theorycrafted many more

pierce yugol infil (bad idea) - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/M2gEB0EZ
the OA shredder - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/8NKz7jWZ
physical warlock - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/JVlPDxjV
fire DEE/BWC Pyro - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNY4aeAZ
mega tank - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/dVbkk1EZ

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I made a retal lightning grenado purifier with 3 piece dawnbreaker, that retal grenado gun, and kymon badge. Looks good on paper, worse build I played.

Shield octavius right now…