What are the wrong choices that are done in this sample DEE build?

Build(With devotions)


What you did wrong-

-Maxing Vile Eruption
-Investing into Pox
-Picking Warlock instead of Witch Hunter (unless you have the gear)
-Getting Olexra’s (WTF?:confused:)
-Getting Maiven’s (Kite and Kill, Fire and Forget)
-Getting Turtle (Seriously, that devotion needs a small note saying “Please don’t use this shit, we added it for trolling but no one got the joke”)
-Not Picking Abomination in a Poison Build (Say No to Drugs)

What you did right-

-Picked DEE (Welcome to the Cult)

Just to give you an idea-


The devotion is by no means perfect. It’s just less dependent on gear in my experience

  • Terrifying Gaze is terrible. Leave it at 1 point
  • Vile Eruption is terrible if you use the transmuter Focused Gaze. Leave it at 1 point or drop the transmuter (i advise dropping the transmuter for Warlock)
  • Blood Burst has terrible damage scaling. Use it for the explosion radius only. Doesn’t need to go higher than 8.
  • Aspect of the Guardian gives you the most rare resist in the game - Physical Resistance. Max it.
  • Warlock needs more points for more raw stats, level it until you reach Mental Alacrity and Conversion and put points in them
  • If you drop the transmuter in DEE you don’t need Olexa Freeze at all. The AoE is insane.
  • Pox poison damage is terrible. Remove all points.

I need some damage or debuff skills other than the DEE because otherwise where will i assign devotion skills?

Why not go Witch Hunter?

Generally speaking (if you do not pay attention to the strange combination of classes) the situation with the stars pretty easy to fix - throw out all of the affliction (it’s not that bad, but a specific constellation, and you don’t need it) and take the vacant points to the abomination on the left branch (to tainted eruptions)

You also haven’t said what weapons you’re using: A guaranteed decent poison dagger can be found in the slith cavern with the shrine in Foggy Bank.
Check the dead bodies and Slithtongue will appear and it even levels up and sometimes gets a cool prefix

Slithtongue doesn’t help DEE builds

Cause everybody and their Goddamn mother goes witch hunter.

-Well if you’re new to the game and want to try Poison then Witch Hunter is the way to go

-I am all up for experimenting but how do you expect to achieve performance w/o good gear

As a new player I decide to go Occultist / Soldier instead of everyone go Witch Hunter.

I’m level 72 and will be jumping in Ultimate next time I start the game.

Outside of the area were the floor kill you (Immolation, Conflagration) I didn’t meet any kind of problem. My gear is self found with the exception of a main hand weapon from a trade and I have used a single component (for the skill no augment) as of now.

Once I jump into Ultimate I will look at Augment and Component to boost my Resist I’m sitting on 20 Attribute point and about 15 Mastery Point that will probly be used to pump Soldier Mastery (yeah more HP should get myself over 7k) and pump some point into that lvl 40 passive.

Is Witch Hunter the best way? I guess so everyone is going that way
Is it the only to make it work far from it. As a new player I don’t expect my first build to farm Nemesis and achieve 10 seconds kill on those kind of boss. I want to explore the world learn the game and find my first couple of good / great item and I really feel like Grim Dawn allow you to do such thing with basicly nearly class combination.

the same way every other build does, play the game and aquire good gear. Poison is so easy to build for so it really doesn’t matter what 2nd class you take with DEE. Poison is easy to stack as there is a retarded amount of procs and skills. Also it is beyond easy to get -poison resists so you don’t need Night’s Chill.

-True it’s easy to stack and works as a starting character. But RR sources are not exactly abundant. Most RR outside Night’s Chill, Manticore and CoF comes from Legendaries

-Manticore + CoF don’t seem enough to me when dealing with high Poison Resistance bosses

-Going Poison Warlock for farming in my opinion OP is crippling the build’s true potential.

Personally I wouldn’t go warlock either but it’s not crippling the build. It gives you Mirror, Maiven’s Sphere, Cast Speed, % OA, % Spirit, Nullification.
Yes Damage wise it will lose out on Shadow Strike and Night’s Chill but Warlock is more then capable of wrecking the games content self found first character in
Personally I have a Dee Pyromancer and it also wrecks the games content.
There are Dee Conjurer’s also that I see wreck the content.
And the guy above said he has had no issues with his DEE Witchblade so far.

I am not doubting the class combo, what i am doubting is whether self-found DEE non WH would be good or not

I wanted to make a DEE Pyro for a while, but settled for an 2h Ranged Acid Pyro using Dreeg’s Weapon :slight_smile: