What are you gonna do...

… with your old chars when FG comes out?

a) Are you gonna play with the all and try to update them with new gear and try how far they can go into the Shattered Realm?

b) Are you gonna retire all your old chars and just do new? (kinda like a fresh start)

Or something in between? :slight_smile:

Myself I am gonna try to play the story mode with 2 or so old chars and try Shattered realm with 2-3 (no idea if you have to do the story mode before you can do shattered realm). Otherwise my focus will be to make new ones. So kinda 15% a and 85% b :slight_smile:

And yes I made a thread with ambiguous and click-bait title.

But since I seem to be the only one in here that care about those things I decided to try to break my own morale :rolleyes:

Well, need to update like 20 pet builds…

Then maybe start fresh with a single one and play the story mode to the end :smiley:

I’ll just leave them as they are. If I’ll feel like playing one of those, I’ll just make a build from scratch and then compare, if the old one is better, I’ll just fix it and play it.

I’ll revive… no wait, I already revived him… uh… upgrade? my Obsidian Tremor build, which actually got a huge damage boost in FG, about 800 sheet (in GT) dps, 15% RR, 6 casting speed. Doesn’t sound like it’d be much, but I estimate about 10% damage increase in general. I’ll also update my Harbinger Pyromancer, which got about 50% damage boost over the last few patches with FG included.

First what I’m gonna do: farm Shattered Realm with the Tremor build, because it shreds stuff like an armageddon.

Since I have loads of characters still to be played those first probably. But they’ll get mixed in with new builds as well since I have builditis big-time. :smiley:

SR has nothing to do with FG’s storyline, you can play in there whenever you want to. Only thing required to start FG’s story is to do the test the Emissary sets you; otherwise you can’t get out of the Conclave.

Ah cool good to know! :slight_smile:

I will btw also try to update my old beginner/budget builds for the FG era and make a few more of them (but first I just wanna play around with my own stuff first)

I might start a diary here and on YT with a new Oathkeeper + Inquisitor (kinda similar style to what x1x1x1x1x1x1x1x1x1x2 did with the purifier a while ago)

I only have one pet build to update, and I don’t even think I will even bother :wink:

Ok so that Tremor build you kinda like have ready for Shattered Realm right? The changes you mentioned are already in the patch or were they FG only?

FG items. Rah’Zin set (3/4 parts). And the new chaos gloves Voidrend Talons (but only because +2 to Possession and therefore 22/12 in that skill).

Also, gotta change the proc on Abominable Weakness, I mean Might to 1% on attack again… Also it was just a build, it was not supposed to be good at something but ended up being super good (but dies easily).

I’m going to go back to my mortar trap purifier and make him right. I am so excited get the new gear for him and turn him into the nuclear holocaust chad I always wanted him to be.
Other than that most of my characters will become gear scrapyards. My Stun Jacks elementalist is going to sit and rot until stun jack elementalists become good.

I am interested to try new builds,not necessarily with Oathkeeper but ones with new items,devotions etc.I have intentions to update all of my builds,but having so many makes it little unrealistic,so probably will test the builds I post on forum and try them in Crucible and maybe in new realms mode.The only problem for updating is that most of them are already completely different :D,so have to go to plastic surgery to recover their original appearance.For example my Spellbinder is Agrivix and will revert back to Krieg.

I kinda have that issue my self. Too many old builds lying around.

I am still thinking about trying to do something with my callidor spellbinder and I really liked the new set bonus on the krieg set so yeah Krieg spellbinder might be something to try (again). However I need to figure out a solid way to manage energy on that guy in the shattered realm… I don’t think you have buffs in there?

I’ll Be starting 7 new characters and running them all through ultimate Hardcore at level 1. Then once they beat the game, will run them though Shattered Realm. Then I’ll probably most likely be done with GD, after almost 6 years of playing.

I will finish FG story line with one of my old chars first and afterwards I will start farming to update most of them (SR + Roguelikes).

Since I already have lvled 2 single class chars to 60+ I hopefully will be able to try the new class combinations soon after, finding the right items will be tricky though.

Good luck with the HC sept! :slight_smile:

Energy is the one thing I am worried about. I predict getting drunk on Elixirs soon.

I’m expecting the first few tries to fail, but just Like Grimarillion I will eventually get it done :slight_smile:

Are you gonna play all chars untwinked or put on previously found gear?

I play self found until I beat the main campaign (usually only thing I use from other playthrough’s are the recipes). This time I will probably use a level 7 component skill if I don’t get 1 by level 7.
Once I beat the game I gear them properly through my many many stash’s of gear. Don’t plan on playing as much as I have in the past, so Will probably GD Stash the gear I don’t have for SR runs

I read somewhere,no buffs in realms.My SB have around 60 energy regen.but arcane will,combine with leech is enough for campaign.Against dense crowds and max cast speed my char become addicted to energy potion.Still it’s Arcanist,other mana hungry builds are more problematic.

Well, i’m one of this Guys who takes value in their Characters, atleast if it comes down to ARPGs / Hack’N’Slay or similiar experiences, that takes value in the Characters due the Time and Work he spent on them. That’s why i don’t like Hardcore-Characters (atleast in this genre, roguelike Game itself are okay and there are some which i also enjoy) because it’s an progressive experience for me. I mean sure there are also exceptions, sometimes i filter out characters, mostly ones which i didn’t come far and wanted to start over, but in general i’m pretty fond of my characters and savegames. So to get to your points / question:

In general speaking, i would say “in between” because for me it matters how fun a class / build in general makes to me, to progress further. For Classes / Build or better say Characters, i might be fond enough for not deleting him, but if he doesn’t make that much fun to play i consider him as “retired”. However i would argue the majority of time atleast in the beginning, which i spent into FG will be with my “old characters” instead of new ones. Though thanks to the skip token and that i’ve gotten recently (finally) my lokarr set, i’m sure there will be much more characters in future…
Also i’ve planned to have one personal solo playthrough only for the Story / Lore, because so far it was an clunky experience for me, due i mostly played through the campaign with friends, which means there are ton of stuff which i missed out. (and while i’m not one of the sp folks who try to claim, that you can’t enjoy a good story with friend and can’t immerse yourself properly, because imho that isn’t true in the slightest, it still needs the game to be desigend towards to it so a group of friends can enjoy the story together, like divinity original sin or halo… and gd is mechanical in my opinion not designed to enjoy the story / lore together)

Well… I’m having a stunning time with my Stun Jacks Elementalist (whom is melting just about everything) so I’ll probably stick with him for a short period to farm the new gear.

I’ve a pure shaman being leveled up also as looking forward to the cyclone set.

something in between I guess.

I think I’m gonna start with a fresh Oathkeeper and play the main FG quest, then I will farm reputation and make some obvious adjustments (faction augments etc) to my main builds. Then I will update some of my old builds that aren’t fleshed out yet (hopefully with some new gear that I have by then), and some of those builds that are kinda lacking a punch but have fun skill combos.

Atm I’m playing a Callidors Tempest Spellbinder with Chaos Strike, not the best guy on the team but really fun to play so I’m gonna get rid of the Riftstone ASAP and update the medal with Rune of Ulzuin’s Fall or Rune of Astral Rifts or whatever turns out to be the coolest movement skill. Probably teleport :smiley:
Thinking of Spellbinder, I have an Albrechts Aether Ray build that I haven’t updated since shortly after AoM came out, that backwards leap trick could be really fun for this one so I’ll probably try to get her up to date as well.

When the most fun builds are ready for SR I will compare them to my old farming builds and see who performs best.