What changes does Bloody Pox need to be a main damaging skill?

Redoing this thread after the reroll ate it:

i am looking for input from the knowledgeable players of the class build forums to find out which changes would be needed for bloody pox (and ill omen) to make it into the main damaging attack for a modded cabalist.
-higher base damage?
-wps scaling?
-what modifier would make sense? poison/ acid to vitality damage? or multiple modifiers since there seem to be no damage modifiers for bloody pox on items?
-make it stackable with itself or add another skill to reduce enemy resistances a lot?
-should i just imitate grasping vines and add retal damage scaling? would that even make sense on cabalist?
-should i just add the new bloody pox to necro and play oppressor with retal scaling added to all skills?

i am really lacking the knowledge base about possible gear here and what is potentially useful, but i might be able to make the mod once i know what to change, so please help if you have any ideas what i would need to change.

this is the skill build which i would want to run, changing the skills to work as a dot caster.

I’d need to get the HP damage removed and base damage would need to be increased drastically. I don’t think it needs to be changed, it’s rather used for OA debuff.

good point, but this is about the changes i intend to make myself, so its current role in the game is not as important, since i don’t plan to combine it with the usual skills like dreegs evil eye etc

Some smart conversion maybe. I’d really like to see an Off-hand with Bloody Pox and Ill Omen working together. BP, IO +CoF (linked to a proc) for a nasty DoT build has been my dream.

I’m not entirely sure how you could go about it but I’ll say that Ill Omen would need a BIG buff to be damage worthy.

Bloody Pox would also need a buff to it’s damage, it doesn’t even reach Word of Pain’s amount of damage and it can’t deal damage multiple times per second like BWC, Storm Box, Grasping Vines etc… I kind of hate to suggest it but giving it some % weapon damage or % retaliation added to damage is an idea for helping it out here.

I think it can be done if there’s a way to make pox ‘stackable’ with a reasonable ‘stack cap’ of course.

EDIT: I would ignore ill omen entirely. Just focus on vitality damage from pox + spectral wrath. I say vit damage because you can easily convert acid/poison with blood orb.

You might also want to change the bleeding damage on pox to vit decay.

As for SW, a reduction of its innate CD + giving it a %WD component which scales with levels might do the trick.

this is exactly what i was looking for, thank you so much!

if i get bloody pox to stack with itself then i will ditch ill omen, it was mainly there to have an additional dot to cast.
this would make spectral wrath and siphon the only reason to go for necro, so maybe i should add the skill to occultist and add oathkeeper into the mix and implement the retaliation damage idea of the others

belzz, i think fiddling with items is a bit too much for me right now, so if you have an idea how to manage the same effect with the skills and what gear/ devotions to use for your idea, then i am all ears! :slight_smile:

edit: maybe i can change CoF debuff types to focus on vitality/ vit decay and modify bloody pox and ill omen/ spectral to do only vit/ vit decay damage and add modifiers that make the gear for bloody pox worth it? i always see “adds 70 poison damage to bloody pox” or similar effects on items, so they should be able to be converted with a skill modifier, right?

Make it so it isn’t dependent on your graphics settings.

Remove % of life damage, add lots of flat vitality, change black death to flat damage as well, dot on a skill like this, sigh. I’d be interested in how high you have to go with the damage to make it worth the points. Do tell if you try.

I’ve tried on vanilla. The best I could do for a DoT caster was my Elemental Deceiver. There is no common ground with Ill Omen and BP unfortunately and not many ways to get skill points.

I succeeded in making a DoT Caster on grimquest/DAIL mods: Nature, mastery from TQ, has an ability (Plague) that works like BP and does acid damage. It worked very well with Occultist. plague also has a transmuter acid to elemental conversion, so I made a WoP + Plague Elemental DoT Caster also.

sounds like this will be my backup plan if i can’t manage the changes :smiley:
The common ground thing is something i can change, i think, like giving ill omen flat vitality damage and wd% scaling to have them work as similar dots and benefit from the same buffs and rr

So make Ill Omen have “100% Cold damage converted to vitality damage”. BP already has a poison to vitality mod on off-hand (or add it also). Then both abilities have full vitality damage. And add some flat vitality damage and/or WD to both indeed.

sounds like a plan, thank you! info about stuff like the offhand is what i made this thread for :smiley:

is there a difference between vitalitydamage and vitality decay?
i assume vit damage is what enemies are hit with directly with each tick of the spell, while vitality decay is a lingering dot like burning for fire damage?

so i could turn bleeding damage from bloody pox into vit decay and have the skill ticks do vit damage and leave a lingering vitality dot as well?

i never looked up the damage systems before, aside from looking over the beginners guide in the forum, so i wasn’t sure if the dot aspect of the damage types is its own damage form or a proc based on how high the initial hit from the element was.

Here’s what I’d do here and now in Vanilla: 100% elemental to vitality on shoulders + weapon + helm to get a 100% vitality Ill Omen. The off-hand for 100% acid to vitality for BP. And Ravenous Earth + Siphon Soul as Support Abilities. And Curse of Frailty (linked to Rattosh) for a 3rd DoT.


If/when you finish modding it, I’d like to humbly request a video + screenshot of the changes you made.

You’ve piqued my curiosity :stuck_out_tongue:

Feel free to say no, of course. :slight_smile:

of course! if it works out i will, naturally, publish it for those of you who enjoy the dot caster playstyle as much as i do :slight_smile:

Tic rate scaling with cast speed would help.

this is so incredibly helpful to me, holy cow! i keep saying it, but thank you guys SO much for helping out!

perfect solution to keep it balanced around actual stat requirements!

edit: currently, my biggest concern about the project, if i manage to do it, is keeping it balanced around existing systems with which i am not familiar.
this is why i am glad to see full devotion setups/ gear builds around which i can try to balance the abilities. i would hate to have it just be way too strong compared to vanilla builds

Progress update:

i managed to find most of the relevant parameters to change what i need to change, but there are 2 things i can’t do, since it seems to be part of the skill template:
-i can’t couple cast speed with dot tick speed
-i can’t get debuff skills on enemies to stack, dots count as debuff skills

i managed to make ill omen, bloody pox and spectral biding/wrath into strong abilities on their own (probably too strong).
they have wd% scaling, all skills can be skilled up to level 15/25 ultimated,
and i changed their damage types to be based around vitality and vit decay.

spectral wrath has no internal cooldown and takes WD% to determine its damage.

to get around the weak output of 2 dots against bosses, i added a modifier to drain essence, which reduces the damage of the skill by 90%, but reduces enemy resistances by 50% while you channel it on them, hopefully pushing dot damage high enough in single target encounters and against multiple stacked bosses through its increased target cap.

is there a way to test higher level characters? low level area enemies are too weak unless i switch to ultimate and there, the bosses are ridiculously healthy, so i feel i can’t test this right