What do you do after getting bored of playing games?

This thread is totally for fun and I don’t look for comments like “go outside” etc. I just made this thread because I was curious what others do in such particular situations, if this occurs in their lives.

Like in the title, what do you do if that happens? Doesn’t matter if you get bored of playing for a day, two, or 6 months.

I have times where I feel like playing 12 hours a day is not enough (if I have free time to waste) and that I should play some more, even if it would fuck up my sleep schedule. There are also times where playing even for less than 5 mins is just way, way, way too much for me and I must quit the game. This feel keeps up to few days/weeks/months in my situation (mostly depending on the Seasons.

If a time like this occurs, I either watch videos on youtube or streams on twitch. If I have totally nothing to watch and I feel dead inside, I always launch my most favorite game (even if bored of playing games) Cultures 4 8th Wonder of the World (yes you thought I’ll say GD, but no). I spent like half of my life in this game and I never get bored of it, sometimes just feel like taking a break of playing it if I play over 100 - 200 hours of it (straight, but not literally where you don’t sleep, eat etc).

Cheers! :slight_smile:

Hobbies and YouTube/Netflix.

Can’t say I’ve gotten that bored with games, but I would just switch to a different type like my city builders and play those for a while. Or read a book.

I make music, look up information about pretty much anything, draw, read, or go outside… :smiley:

Listen to music, write, work on D&D campaign skeletons. Trawl through YouTube videos I’ve missed.

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I look out of the window and i notice that real life has a dull and repetitive gameplay so i start playing again.

real gamers never get bored! :rolleyes:


I think I rarely ever get bored of gaming these days. I’m happy for every moment that I can do it between work, housework, and other equally important hobbies like board games and D&D. But sometimes I will spend a lot of time reading for a few weeks or so, but not because I’m board of games, more because I found a couple of interesting books that I just want to finish. But usually, gaming comes first before reading.

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More or less the same. Planning on giving more time/attention to new interests this summer.

I meet with friends and talk about video games, play board games or tabletop RPGs.

Reading. And reviewing RPG-Stuff.

Watch a movie, watch a stream on Twitch, cook, read things on what you like or things you would like doing soon.
Sometimes i don’t play GrimDawn I just TheoryCraft my next build :stuck_out_tongue:

The cool things is there are a few games that I keep an eye on :

  • Wolcen
  • Chronicon
  • It Lurks Below which is in early access on steam (just heard about it 2 days ago, it seems to be a mix in between Terraria and Diablo)
  • Boderlands 3 even though it’s not officialy annonced but we all know they are working on it :smiley:
  • There is Last Epoch that seems interesting but they probably won’t reach the money asked on kickstarter.
  • Quake Champions is still in early access but I still play it these days.
  • And the second expansion of Grim Dawn !!!:smiley:

Because it’s spring I like to zone out to livestreams of birds nesting. Owl chicks are ugly but their eating habits are hilarious.

One look at a baby barn owl is all the proof you need that birds descended from dinosaurs. :stuck_out_tongue: And man if you’ve ever heard the sound the adults make when they’re threatened…

I don’t really get bored since I don’t play much. But I do other stuff, to mix things up. I read and write, go on walks to the seashore. Watch movies and Tv series. And waste time on youtude. Man, I love that place but it’s a blackhole :x

I don’t get bored because, my game time is severely cut down. That is what you get when your a dad for 2,5 - 3 years. But i love every second of it. :smiley:

When I get bored I normally just play with my organ. :wink:

I read books or watch nature documentaries.

I play paper MTG. I spend more time with my wonderful wife (who sponsored and edited this message for clarity), and generally get out of the house more.