What do you guys pick up for the purpose of making money?

Hey guys,

Just wondering what item to pick while adventuring to help generate the most cash i.e. best vaule per inventory slot?

I’m picking up one space slotters - rings, amulets etc as well as belts and anything blue/ green.

But is there a certain item type which sells for more than others? Or is it the actual mods which generate the value?


If you play multiplayer and/or Crucible you will get far more iron.

Always pick up greens. Double affix is more iron yes

  1. Collect greens, usually 2k+ each in ultimate

  2. Treasure troves (dynamite chests) usually contain at least 6k in any difficulty

  3. Crucible if you can beat it

My personal rule is :

  • selling double affixed greens and epics.
  • dismantling legs.

and yeah TT provide a lot of cash

Greens net you more green. Technically, green rings/ammys are the best source of iron, because higher base value combined with green affixes and minimal inventory space taken, but you can’t really guarantee you’ll pick up enough of the things for the inventory space argument to matter.

Me, I racked up millions of iron bits by simply not spending it except once in a blue moon. Pretty much the only time I start to hemorrhage iron is when I get on a crafting jag. It takes extraordinary affixes for me to bother buying from merchants, generally.

Every time I think i have enough iron, I start crafting legs in malmouth and completely run out.

New merchant stole all my irons :cry:

Until I’ve got 500K iron - any double yellow weapons, off-hands, shields and accessories, since armour doesn’t sell for that well, along with any and all greens. Once >500K, greens (bar single affix MI’s) of the above + double yellow accessories. Usually nets me a decent income, but for rouge likes I usually only pick up single hand weapons, since usually blues take up most of my inventory.

And once I hit 5 million iron bits, I only pick up green jewellery to save time porting back to sell stuff, along with any MI’s that look like they’ll be useful or are needed for crafting. As for why I aim to have such a massive stash of iron - means I never need worry about running out if I gamble at the celestial smiths, have a top tier relic to craft or other crafting fun.

We’ll, some people don’t like it, I mean you could argue its gaming the system, but die 150, 130, 110 in crucible is easy Iron…and everything else…idd, all.

If they didn’t want us to do it, they wouldn’t put it in the game, right?

I just pick up all green items, and never ashamed to double back for another scavenged plating/scrap drop off-screen :slight_smile:

Idd, I dont get why crate dont just buff ALLL other means, or nerf this method. Its so…blah.

Could you elaborate? What’s this about crafting legs in malmouth?

And another players said he spens all is iron on a new merchant. Is it the same thing, or who is it?

A nasty habit from vanilla TQ.

Your very first time thru Burrwitch picking up every single yellow for chump change should have promptly broke you of that habit.

Tbh it kinda did, but need yellows for alts and resistances and after yellows adding in the whites doesn’t break the camels back any worse.
Also after 10 dev points & 20+ levels in Crucible don’t really spend time in act1.
Also RNG Jesus hates me.

No he doesn’t. Try spending 500 ancient hearts, 300 Aetherial mutagens, 50 celestial lotus and 20 million iron bits with a fresh self-found new char just to get two particular items for your build, then come to talk about RNGESUS’ love/hate lol