What do you think of Relics?

So Relics are out there for you to discover, craft and combine!

I’m curious as to what you guys think of the system as a whole:

Are the Relics you are discovering interesting?

Does the rate at which you are discovering new Blueprints feel rewarding?

Are you finding the cost of crafting Relics to be an appropriate challenge? Are Tier 2 (Transcendent) Relics an appropriate cost for the power they provide?

Any other thoughts?


Well, I’d started a new character and reached the Warden’s cellar, always on Veteran.
I’ve got one recipe, no blueprints and two Ancient Hearts + one Blood of C’thon.
Not very exciting, sadly.

Don’t know if that is the rate you intended for the drops.
I remember that in Titan Quest I was able to create quite a few artifacts in the course of the game - start to finish, without farming.
I hope this is, more or less, your goal for relics in Grim Dawn.

Are the Relics you are discovering interesting?

Yeah like enabling wielding dual pistols. Haven’t looked at the meele/caster ones yet, but they are definitely interesting.

Does the rate at which you are discovering new Blueprints feel rewarding?

They are extremely rare, don’t know if that’s intended or not, I thing the aproppriate drop rate should be blue/3 or something like that

Are you finding the cost of crafting Relics to be an appropriate challenge? Are Tier 2 (Transcendent) Relics an appropriate cost for the power they provide?

Haven’t found a recipe for tier 2, yet

I have found a number of blue prints and have not sunk more than 2 hours into it so far. I really like the crafting system. Especially all the different skills that are accessible via the different relics. It really adds another element of customization.

I also like that it is a good sink for components as I have accumulated quite a few.

However, I have found one aspect of it quite frustrating. That is the storage/organization of all the aforementioned components.I find it frustrating that I have my entire shared inventory full of components. So swapping loot and finding correct components is a bit of a chore.

This by no means is a game breaker for me, just an annoyance.

I think the relics are interesting, plus the drop rate is fine to me. If it’s too Common it’s not rewarding anymore. I mean it’s a farming game. But I do have a question regarding whether the plan drops randomly or on set monster types?
Also it would be great to see plans for eqs and weapon not previously known or in the database :slight_smile: I know that’s a lot to ask for but great work so far!

Running with a new self found char in veteran, only got to the last riftgate before the warden so far due to lack of time and so far only found 2 blueprints (both recently, first dropped at around level 12-15) and one crafting only component (blood of Ch’thon) from Dreni.

Have crafted 1 ribbon and 1 shield so far, they seemed ok for costs and ok items, nothing outstanding, but reasonable greens

Have no tier 2 to say about costs/power.

Nothing wonderful in my relics list yet.

Like the idea of the crafting, hope I find more as the game progresses.

Would love to have a way of viewing a list of the bluprints I’ve found separate from what the blacksmith is able to create anyway. Maybe a crafting list that can be viewed without having to go back to the blacksmith each time

Space to store components and crafting items

Haven’t got many yet, but I can see this is going to be a right pain trying to keep space for all the normal components and the crafting bits. I can see the crafting getting ignored quite a few times due to the hassle of getting everything from the stash to inventory to see what you can craft and then dumping it all back again afterwards, and trying to keep it organised at the same time :frowning:

Overall view

From almost at the end of act 1 is that crafting looks interesting and will hopefully become more useful in later game than it is at the moment, but until I get further in act 2 I just don’t know and lack of storage space really does put me off using the crafting to its full extent.

Oh yes components very big prob now that I have two characters just to store components.
Either give us infinite space in our chests or make the components stackable to stacks of 100

Aren’t you thinking about FarmVille? :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, why would you say that? I, for one, dislike farming and don’t practice it. That has never bothered me in Titan Quest, for example, as I was able to find enough epic/legendary gear to keep both my interest and the life of my characters. Also, as I’ve mentioned before, I was able to craft quite a few artifacts - about two each act, on average. The drop rate of formulae and needed materials allowed me to do so without farming.

Hopefully, you guys at Crate won’t let us oldschool, single player, roleplaying, non farming lot down. I’m not asking for drop rates that would dilute the meaning of powerful items - just don’t make it necessary to farm certain places over and over for many hours in order to enjoy everything the game has to offer.

The situation with rares and epics in Grim Dawn, in contrast, is great. I find my share of interesting and powerful items every now and then. Not too much, but definitely not too little.

In general I don’t like the crafting system so far. It seems like you’ve just reimplemented the badly broken crafting system from Diablo 3.

I have played one new character up to level 34 (just short of 35). I do full clears of each area. I finished the playthrough at level 31 and then repeat various farming area up to 35. After that I will either start another new character, or just go back to Soulvizier and wait for another patch.

The three relics we get by default are not very interesting.

I have not found any blueprints yet. So, no, it does not feel rewarding.

In general, all the crafting recipes seem to expensive. It would be nice to have crafting be useful in the early game. The necessity of collecting 60,000 iron to get the stash upgrade makes early crafting impossible. (Make the stash infinite and stop charging for the upgrades.)

I think you are going in the wrong direction. This is not the only place that’s true. Fortunately there will be modding tools so the community can fix it.

Are the Relics you are discovering interesting?

So far yes. I’ve found about half a dozen different ones. I’ve crafted two and the one I’m using (Calamity) has a cool proc skill and is more powerful than I expected. Others I am very much looking forward to testing (Looking at you Gunslinger’s :))

Does the rate at which you are discovering new Blueprints feel rewarding?

The drop rate seems fine. I can find several in a 2 hour farming session. You can’t use the lowest ones until level 18, so I don’t think it’s unreasonable to get to the end of act 1 without finding one, as some people are experiencing. Eventually we will have 3 acts in 3 difficulties to play through and farm.

Are you finding the cost of crafting Relics to be an appropriate challenge? Are Tier 2 (Transcendent) Relics an appropriate cost for the power they provide?

I’ve found one Tier 2 Relic (Haunt), but won’t be using the blueprint until I can make an Arcanist :cry:. The stats look awesome, and I think the cost is appropriate. Using a Monster Infrequent was unexpected - fortunately I have it already :D. I think it’s reasonable that the higher tier relics require a lot of work to craft, to be earned.

Any other thoughts?

I think some of the new crafting materials like Tainted Brain Matter, Ancient Heart etc could drop with a little more frequency. Scrap seems to have had a drop rate boost with B18, but I can find 4 or 5 Epics and 2 or 3 Recipes/Blueprints in a session without finding one ingredient item. NEED MOAR BRAINS!

I’d also agree with the previous poster regarding iron - it’s always been a struggle early on if you don’t have a stash of items from other characters to transfer over to sell, and crafting can only compound that.

Totally fine relics. For a person, who farms a lot it’s not a big issue to craft them. Only problem magic items for crafting, but challenge accepted.

Are the Relics you are discovering interesting?

It’s really interesting, it actually made me change my build for now because of the skill it provided.

Does the rate at which you are discovering new Blueprints feel rewarding?

I think this is pretty good, my biggest concern is there are too many blue prints and sometimes finding the specific blueprint you are looking for is really hard.

Are you finding the cost of crafting Relics to be an appropriate challenge? Are Tier 2 (Transcendent) Relics an appropriate cost for the power they provide?

Tier 2 Relics require quite a bit of farming, but I believe this is because we are capped right now, with further updates they will become natural. However, I’d like to see more ingredients drop, because we run out of them quite fast.

What I dislike about the tier 2 Relics is the completition bonus… I have only crafted the juggernaut so far, infact 2 of them, and both of them gave me soldier skills so I am assuming I am terribly unlucky or they usually roll for soldier skills and not stats. I don’t think a single point to a skill, is comparable to solid stats bonuses. I mean, my Mistborn Talisman gives me 7% cunning, I wouldn’t trade that for “+1 to a skill” no matter what.
They require quite sometime to craft and they are not as rewarding as other relics.

Other then that, its looking good.

Yes, same here! My first inventory is full of components and quite honestly there are components with almost identical icons, im forced to spend several minutes hurting my eyes just to stack them together… :confused:

On relics, i have no idea. I’ve played for about 2 hours since B18 and my session got interrupted by a crash report (first one i ever had, never had one in B17). I’d have to farm some more and post the results.

^Use the auto sort button to quickly group up similar components.

Are the Relics you are discovering interesting?
yes, i love the emphasis that every relic gives a new and unique skill, if relic was just stats, it would have been much more boring, and not much to differentiate it from other gear slots.

Does the rate at which you are discovering new Blueprints feel rewarding?
given the fact we dont ever get recipes we already learnt, i think the drop rate is fine. anecdotally speaking, i think the drop rate is fine in veteran mode, not sure about normal mode.

edit: turns out this is false. learnt recipes DO still drop, just got a 2nd copy of glacier.

Are you finding the cost of crafting Relics to be an appropriate challenge? Are Tier 2 (Transcendent) Relics an appropriate cost for the power they provide?
so far, yes, although i have only found 2 transcendent relic recipes. as a side note, i think the drop rates for tainted brain matter, blood of ch’thon and ancient heart could get a boost.

Any other thoughts?

for crafting unique/legendary items, i dont think a craftable unique/legendary should drop, since, imo, being about to get the specific unique from just killing makes crafting obsolete. (yes, im aware there’s less RNG from crafting than hoping against hope a specific unique will drop).

edit: here’s an idea, under the relics tab, separate relics into the 3 “tiers”(empowered, transcendent, etc). currently there’s only 1 category called “relics” and that’s mostly redundant, considering the tab is already relics only.

Relics implement a ton of new cool stuff and for some of my toons they are gamechanger. Crafted a Glacier and my Tank loves it :smiley:

But atm im very unhappy with the crafting in general. Drop rate for components feels so low. I run on veteran mode and farm all areas and most of the time not a single ingredient drops. In four farming runs i found 1 Blood of Chton, 2 Ancient Heart, 2 Brains matter not a single Spectral Sword.
Not to mention the rare components. I have tons of Polished Emeralds but only 1 Radiant gem. At the moment crafting feels like real hard work with little gain.
Component storage is also a problem. I had to hire 1 of my outdated chars to become a storage warden. Throwing all crapponents from a farm char into item transfer, puzzle all small pieces together and store them on my old char. Not fun at all.

Things i really want to have.

  • Some of the recipes for higher tier components are accesible from beginning many are missing (Devil-Touched Ammo for example). In my opinion it would be nice if all components could be craftable from beginning at a higher cost.
    -a low tier component trader would be nice hided in act 2 or 3
    or the actual traders have more components in sale
    -a component bag
    or a sort funtion in Item Transfer and Storage
    -higher drop rate for Ancient hearts and the rest

The blueprints drop rate feels ok. Only problem is that most of the time the potions blueprints drop ,guess im very unlucky here.

About the Potions. Related to the cost (Rare components) the possible gain feels really underwhelming.

I did a long weekend run creating a char from scratch and kill Warden on the 25 level.
Almost without farming (just two or three repeats to some caves).
Got two relic recipes, one from white zombie at village, second from champion in sanctuary and one recipe for 60-second buff (Sorry, forgot the name). Got one brain from Warden. Is act 2 more “crafting-friendly” concerning large components?

For me drop-rate of blueprints is good (don’t forget sharing of the components between characters). Found relics was interesting enough to craft.

And I think the system is good as a concept, but strictly require more adjustment about dropping rates, storing components and organization of recipies.

"However, I’d like to see more ingredients drop, because we run out of them quite fast. " Please no! no more!! i already have my stash full of completed ones, and my shared stash getting close to full of uncompleted ones.

“About the Potions. Related to the cost (Rare components) the possible gain feels really underwhelming.” I agree with this 100%

Relics are great, I always liked additional inventory items, different from standard one like relics in GD or wings in Mu online.

Costs are pretty well balance, the components are not always there and I have to farm them, they only problem I have is the brain matter sort of rare drop.

I think I haven’t found and transcendent relic yet, will check after work.

Crafted potions are lame, cost to high, to few uses and their use is not that important. If they had WAY more uses then maybe I would waste mats to craft them, and they would have to last longer. Perhaps reduce their power but greatly increase duration (hours or two) so that they would be useful. For now they are useless to me, won’t even bother wasting mats for them.

I would also appreciate if you add 2h cannons like the ones in Torchlight 2, that would be awesome!!! :smiley:

I think potions lasting 30 minutes to an hour would be good, would make them worth it for grindy sessions.