What do your characters use to keep their health at a high amount?

My second and third character has Wendigo Totem and Pneumatic Burst for their survival. My first character relies on Twin Fangs’ life steal in order to stay alive and keep their health high.

What does your character use to keep their health at an acceptable amount?

It depends too much on the build itself, gear you have, damage type(so what devotions you take). Post your build with grim tools and it will be much easier to give advice

Occultist: Blood of Dreeg
Nightblade: Pneumatic Burst
Inquisitor: Word of Renewal
Shaman: Wendigo Totem
Necromancer: (For Vitality/Aether) Siphon Souls

-I usually take around 1-3 of Behemoth, Chariot of the Dead, Tree of Life or Ghoul (for weapon-based characters) from devotions or at least enough points for their celestial powers.

-Weapon-based characters, I’ll try to build up around 10-15% ADCtH.

That’s for sustaining via healing anyway. There are many other defensive measures that I left out that I will also pick up or consider.

My personal favorite: Blast shield. tonic of mendings combo with healing skills can be dope too. :stuck_out_tongue: If all bad things swarm at you then dont be afraid to run and let constitution heal you up:rolleyes:

Totem ele: pots when needed, usually sitting in wendigo totem
Spellbreaker: adcth mostly keeps it topped off, PB and pots for when things get bumpy
pierce infil: adcth
burn commando: minor adcth, mainly doesn’t engage in melee so the rare massive hits can be compensated with pots
reaper: heavy adcth, pots + PB for emergency
warborn witchblade: it’s a shield build with adcth, what do you expect?
vitality cabalist: sigil of consumption / wendigo mark
fire sabo: adcth

Depends on the toon. All damage converted to Health is great for melee, procs are also not too bad, and passive regen.

My regen tank, topping out at a lowly 30k dps with procs, has 3062 health regen per second, which is funny. It goes up much higher with procs. But at that point you sacrifice so much damage you greatly amp mob dps by taking forever to thin their numbers. Bosses are a joke but take absolutely forever to kill. It’s just not worth it but it was fun to try.

ADCTH is still the best way to go imo. And if you’re dual wielding stick a Mythical Butcher of Burrwitch in your offhand, the proc is insane for keeping you alive.

A 50% CDR build could trigger Dryad’s Blessing every two seconds, which is roughly equivalent to 11/12 Wendigo Totem.

But then you’re using Dryad on a build that has <9s cooldown mirror which is :confused::confused::confused::confused:

I know, there aren’t many use cases for that, but it’s just interesting to me. One possible use case is a Sorceror that has high levels of Searing Light, no life steal, and has Hungering Void. One could try to use Giant’s Blood to counteract HV, but that relies on getting hit and high levels of Searing Light means you’re not going to get hit as often. Dryad’s Blessing on the other hand triggers on attack and has a high chance at that. Currently I’m trying to figure out what skill would be best at triggering Dryad’s Blessing in such a scenario. For maximum application frequency, it should be a mastery skill with a base cooldown of between 3 and 4 seconds inclusive that’s applied every two seconds. However this would probably compromise on offence in some way. So I guess there would have to be a compromise. But the main point is that D’s B can be a significant source of healing, especially as a T1 devotion skill.

Perhaps a more optimal approach from a QoL perspective is to bind D’s B to an item skill with a 3 second recharge and have 25%+ CDR. Possible item skills include Sacred Strike, Silver Spread, and even Demon’s Breath. There should be many other possibilities with a proc rate of at least 86%.