What happend since I last played?

Hey, just gonna fool a bit around in the game again.

I saw a bigger patch hit some time ago which just seemt to balance things.

Did it also break/nerf builds ? As in does old class guides from like 2016, 17 w/e still work, and how did old builds get effected?

Seems my Arcane-necro spellbinder is still fine, minus a nerf on mirror to 3 sec duration iirc.

nobody :o? I guess the last patch didnt change much then?

Im looking forward to next expansion else.

Since changelog was the biggest one ever I’d say a lot of things have changed. Some builds got a bit of a nerf because they were OP to start with, but there are already a lot of new builds out there.

Game gone path of exile abit with speed clearing meta and DA nerf :rolleyes:.

Also chaining mirror is dead, hurts binders who are literally broken anyway but spellbreakers got hit hard too. :cry:

Cool :slight_smile: I really like my build on my main char, it was using this melee necro/arcane build and its super strong. No drain essence, and not to far into necro tree.

Dw melee got a huge buff especially cold.