What is consuming my iron ingots

Haven’t seen a trader selling heavy tools in a while. I have one in my windmill which I can’t give up because my villagers will starve. I have another in my foundry. They consume iron ore and coal to make iron ingots. They make 15 ingots, and I switch the heavy tools over to my blacksmith forge, where I have tools/weapons/heavy tools ratio set to 0/0/10 because I really just need one more set of heavy tools for both buildings to be operational at the same time.

They don’t make the heavy tools (or anything), and I end up short iron ingots (down to 10 or 5). I’ve repeated this several times. I don’t have an armory, I’m not initiating any upgrades of buildings, and I’m not stocking iron at my trading post. I have no idea where the iron the foundry is making is going. What is consuming it?

the only way I could get this to work was disabling the storage of iron ingots at my storehouse, which just seems to eat them rather than store them

What else might you be building? Some buildings use iron ingots for upgrades.

so the coopers were the culprits, and my iron was going straight from storehouse to making barrels

but what’s interesting is that I think I learned people making barrels won’t take the iron straight from the foundry?