What is currently the fastest melee gladiator crucible clearer?

Just curious ever since the 1.1 patch came out. Also links to builds would be great!

Not sure what you consider as melee. Infernal malakarr do it around 6 minutes. So does Stormreaver dicator. :eek:

Pure melee, I guess Deathmarked infiltrator. Stormreaver vindicator would be the fastest hybrid and next to that I guess still RoH infiltrator with Chillstrifes or surprisingly still N&O. Despite the nerfs to everything still squeezing 6 minutes in good hands; I just did a couple nerf-feel tests and Chillstrifes are better but only with impossible affixes. Nerf Dawn meta has not really stabilized as everyone is waiting to put Crucible away and get busy with the new SR toys.

Deathmarked fellas should be still hella strong: Infiltrator > Trickster > Blademaster. Malakor Demolitionist and Malakored Tactician.

If you consider Bleeding Trickster (with swords) melee, it still can do 6 minute runs in good hands.