What is that three-pronged fire attack that Saboteurs use?

I recently started this game, chose Nightblade and Demolitionist. I want to use that three-pronged fire attack that I see emerge from the ground as other Saboteurs have used in videos I’ve seen uploaded on youtube. I put a point into Fire Strike and Explosive Strike and use Fire Strike as my primary attack, but am not seeing anything remotely similar. Just some tiny little whiff of a flame when I attack.

Do I just have to level up Fire Strike and Explosive Strike some more before it looks like that or is it a different skill that I missed?I’m still low level so I’m just curious before I go further, thank you!


Ah, I see. So the only way to use that skill is with that item? Is it difficult to get that item?

Find out what the materials are to craft it, farm those materials and then ask someone in the SC trading thread to craft it for you. Then it’s easy.

If you’re going to farm for it yourself at level 85, it depends on how lucky you are. It might be quick, it might take a while.

Ah gotcha alright. Thank you kind person! =D

You’ll first need to find the blueprint (it drops in the world) to craft that Pyroclasm relic.